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Manifesto Against Conscription and the Military System

In 1925 and 1930, two Anti-Conscription manifestos gathered the prestigious signatures of Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Bertrand Russell, and Sigmund Freud, among many others. In 1993, an international working group of the International Conscientious Objectors' Meeting in Turkey incorporated sections of the two statements in a new Manifesto Against Conscription and the Military System. A first list of signatures from Nobel Prize Laureates will be published in May, but supporters are asked to continue sending addresses and signatures of 10 public figures active in the scientific and cultural sphere or in peace, ecology and human rights issues. Peace News published the English text in its February 1994 issue and as of early March translations were available in 15 languages: Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew (Ivrid), Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Serbo/Croatian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Addresses, signatures, and requests for additional information or translations are to be sent to: Gandhi-Informations-Zentrum, Postfach 210 109, 1000 Berlin 21, Germany; Tel/fax: +49 30-3941420