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WRI Council Meeting 20-25 July 1996 in Liège, Belgium

Accommodation and Fees

This year's Council will take place in Liege, Belgium, from Saturday 20 July in the evening until Thursday 25 July in the afternoon. Participants will be expected to arrive on Saturday and the Council will start after dinner with an introductory session. The closing session will end around 3pm on Thursday. People needing to stay an extra night on Thursday can do so, but at their own expense.

The WRI Women's Working Group is planning to organise a women's only meeting just before the start of the Council, on Saturday 20 July from 10am to 5pm at the same venue. Women interested in attending should contact Dominique at the office in order to arrange accommodation, if needed.

The venue is a new Youth Hostel located about 4km from the centre of Liege, with direct bus access. The closest airports are Liege itself or Brussels (about 1hr by train). More practical information will be sent to all participants mid-May. Accommodation will be in rooms of four persons. A list of campgrounds and hotels in Liege will be available from the office for those who wish to secure their own accommodation.

Hoping to encourage participation from our affiliates, the Executive decided to lower substantially the registration fees from last year:

  • a) Full accommodation - from dinner on Sat. to lunch on Thurs. £150 Adults (includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Council participation fee)
    £100 Children 2-16 years
    Free Children under 2
  • b) Participation only - from dinner on Sat. to lunch on Thurs. £100 Adults only (includes lunch, dinner and Council participation fee)

Registration deadline: 15 June 1996

The Youth Hostel will be open to the public during our Council. It is therefore imperative that people register by 15 June at the latest. After that date, we will NOT be able to guarantee accommodation at the venue and in any case participants will be charged an extra £25. So don't be late!

Updates from Affiliates to the Council - Deadline: 1 June 1996

As usual, all Affiliates are asked to send their annual activity reports to the office for distnbi'tion at the Council. The update should be no longer than one page and include information about the group's priorities and potential changes in its work since the last Council. We would greatly appreciate any help with the translation of these reports into our four main languages (English, German, Spanish and French), in which case the deadline for submitting the updates would be extended to the end of June.

Bring Your Own Stories to the Council

By the time you receive this Broken Rifle, we will have blown our 75 candles. The Council will mark this anniversary by devoting some time every evening to an event on WRI history and affiliates are encouraged to think of lively ways to present their own historical connections with the International. Some examples include storytelling sessions about events or specific individuals and re-enacting scenarios or controversies. Use your imagination and let the agenda committee (via the office) know about your plans, so that we can better integrate them into the overall programme.

One such initiative comes from MIR-IRG (Belgium), who is planning to organise a poster exhibit on CO in Belgium, as well as an art exhibit from the regions of ex-Yugoslavia at the Council venue. Any group interested in bringing the latter to their country should contact Thierry Delannoy at MIR-IRG, 35 rue van Elewyck, 1050 Brussels, Belgium (+32 2 6485220; fax 6400774).