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European Committee of Social Rights: Conclusions 2008 (Moldova)

Service required to replace military service

In its previous conclusions, the Committee noted that alternative service lasted 24 months, while military service lasted twelve. This prompted the Committee to conclude that the situation was not in conformity with Article 1§2 of the Revised Charter because the length of alternative service excessively restricted the worker’s right to earn a living in an occupation freely entered upon.
Although it did not fall within the reference period, the Committee takes due note of the adoption of Act No. 156-XVI of 6 July 2007 on the organisation of (alternative) civil service, which reduces the length of service to twelve months. The Committee considers that, this reform will enable Moldova to be in conformity with Article 1§2 of the Revised Charter on this point. However, the situation was not in conformity with the Revised Charter during the reference period. It asks, however, for the next report to indicate when the law has come into force.




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