The United States: a growing aggression against Latin America

There is a new political equilibrium in Latin America that is annoying and worrying the White House. There is even mention of a new “axis of evil”, made up of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. To attack the governments of these countries, The United States is resorting to political, ethnic and religious propaganda, as well as economic pressure, through veiled announcements in the media, which appear to be news items, reports, articles and even opinion columns and editorials.

The right to conscientious objection in Latin America ­ a brief overview


Conscription exists for men aged 18-40, recruitment is via ballot, as only 60000 recruits are needed from a pool of 975,000 men reaching conscription age annually. Conscientious objection is not recognised.

El Salvador

Conscription has not been enforced since the peace treaty of 1992. The right to conscientious objection is not recognised.

Facts at a Glance

Brazilian women won the right to vote in 1932. Today, women represent 5 percent of the House of Deputies and .24 percent of the Senate.

Some 20 percent of Brazil's 35 million families are now headed by women. Most are poor and live with inadequate sanitation: over 90 percent of children under a year old in the Northeast live in homes with inadequate sewage systems.

Women in Brazil earn, on the average, 52 percent of what men do.

Living on the Streets

"My family's got a house and a bit of land, but I've been living on the streets since I was seven, the year after my mother died. I worked as a servant in a family house, but then a friend told me to come to the city.

"I got by in the city, picking up men, though I had to put up with them hitting me. What really makes me angry is the way that these machos beat you up all the time. It makes you want to kill them, that's why I don't live with a guy. I just sell my body to them from time to time." Katia

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