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Muchos Militarismos - Una Resistencia - Encuentro Antimilitarista de América Latina y el Caribe, Del 22 al 25 de junio de 2009, Quito - Ecuador


El escenario ha cambiado, pero la militarización no se ha detenido. Es necesario darle un nuevo impulso a nuestro caminar juntas.

Encuentros parciales, bilaterales, y casuales entre nosotras han sucedido en los últimos años, y la necesidad de un encuentro que nos permita actuar más fortalecidamente se ha hecho patente en ellos.

Debemos encontrarnos para escucharnos e impulsarnos, en lo local y en lo regional.


War Starts from Europe - Decentralised Day of Action 14 – 15 of November 2008

On 14-15 November, antimilitarist nonviolent actions took place in a number of countries around Europe, as part of the a European Day of Action against military infrastructure. The day of action was another step in the coordinated work of radical nonviolent antimilitarist groups in Europe.

Ralph DiGia 1914-2008

Ralph DiGiaRalph DiGiaThis afternoon, February 1st, I got a call from Ruth Benn that Ralph DiGia, 93, had died at St. Vincent’s here in New York City. I had visited him this past Saturday and sensed he was losing his battle - he had fallen and broken a hip about two weeks ago, got an infection in the hospital (hospitals in the US are notoriously dangerous places for the sick and wounded to go!), and despite rallying several times, died.

Grace Paley

Grace Paley, the American short-story writer and pacifist, has died aged 84.

Len W Gibson

24 December 1919 - 3 February 2007

Len Gibson, a lifelong peace campaigner and member of The Brotherhood Church -- a WRI affiliate in West Yorkshire, England -- has died at age 87.

Jean Van Lierde

15 February 1926 - 15 December 2006

Jean Van Lierde, who died in Brussels on 15 December, was the main figure behind the long political struggle for the recognition of the right to CO in Belgium, which resulted in 1964 in the law creating alternative civilian service. He was a friend and adviser to Patrice Lumumba, the Congo's first post-independence prime minister, and published several books and articles on Lumumba.

Harry Mister: 13 January 1914 - 26 January 2006

Harry Mister died in London on 26 January, just a fortnight after his 92nd birthday. Harry was a key figure in many parts of the peace movement including, but not only, the pacifist end of the movement - for over 70 years.

Toma Ŝik

17 August 1939 - 13 July 2004

Today we heard that Toma Ŝik is dead - overrun by a tractor during a nightly walk home through the fields to his newly-bought old farm somewhere in a forgotten part of Hungary which should have fulfilled his dream of establishing a commune of organic-humanist (and vegan) "new peasants".

He was a pioneer of the Israeli-Palestinian search for peace, a forerunner of the present day pacifist-refusniks and actively involved in many struggles. For decades his friendly bearded face was to be seen at any demonstration.

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