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Against NATO: Continuing the struggle – until the summit in Portugal (and beyond)

From 15-18 October a series of meetings took place in Berlin, to discuss the continuation of work against NATO and the war in Afghanistan after Strasbourg. A special focus was on European and international co-operation.

Internationals We Need You! Please come to the UK to stop new nuclear weapons.

I would like to invite you all to the UK in February next year. Trident Ploughshares is organising a big blockade of Aldermaston for Monday 15th February 2010 from 7am – all day - and we need European help.

International working conference “No to war - No to NATO”, 17/18 October 2009, Berlin

Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th 2009:
International working conference “No to war - No to NATO”

Big success for the German peace movement against the "bombodrom"

The "bombodrom" is a 120 square kilometers big area in Germany, 80 km north of Berlin. This area was used by the Russian Air Force as bombing and shooting training area (therefore named with the Russian word "bombodrom".). The people in this area suffered for the noise and the poisoning of the environment for more than 30 years. After the unification of Germany. they had hoped that this will stop. But since 1992 the German government wanted to use this area for the German Air Force.

NATO Bombs Swedish Civilians

Late last night the six peace activists currently inside the NATO bombing range in northern Sweden heard three strong explosions. The first was around 22:00, the second at 22:40 and the third at 22:42. All the peace activists are unhurt but shocked that NATO choose to bomb the area despite the presence of civilians in the firing range. Of the 2000 personnel involved in the exercise approximately 1000 are British, based aboard the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious. We have no information on the nationality of the planes which bombed the area last night.

NATO Threatens to Keep Bombing as 6 More Peace Activists Enter Bombing Range

Ofog activists in the firing rangeOfog activists in the firing rangeNATO has threatened to continue a live-fire bombing exercise in Swedish Lapland despite the presence of six (6) peace activists in the bombing area. The activists, all members of the Swedish anti-militarist network Ofog, aim to disrupt the exercise and prevent NATO from practising for war.

Activists inside NATO Bombing Range in Sweden

Four peace activists are inside the live-fire bombing range currently being used for a large NATO exercise in Swedish Lapland. Their aim is to draw attention to the preparations for war crimes currently under way under the name of exercise “Loyal Arrow” and to prevent NATO from bombing the area further.

Nein zur NATO! Nein zum Krieg! Nein zur Gewalt?

Es war der Erfolg der Konferenz am 3. und 5. April bei Strasbourg, die Vielfältigkeit der europäischen Bewegungen unter der Einigkeit über das Ziel „Nein zur NATO!“ zu versammeln. Quasi im Konzert mit Camp, Blockade und Demonstration sollte ihre Aufgabe darin bestehe, den Schwerpunkt auf Analyse und Strategie zu legen. Diese Anspruch wurde nur zum Teil Wirklichkeit, zum Teil blieb es bei bloßen Informationen und Diskussionen. Doch alles andere wäre keine realistische Erwartung gewesen. Denn erstens handelte es sich um ein äußerst breites Bündnis von verschiedensten Gruppierungen.

Newsletter Shut down NATO/NATO-ZU No 4, 20 April 2009

Dear supporters of NATO-ZU/Shut down NATO,

welcome to our fourth and last newsletter. We did it! With your support, we managed a successful NATO-ZU/Shut down NATO blockade! Even though the action in Strasbourg was overshadowed by acts of violence, we can say that we blockaded nonviolently and successfully!

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