We don't want killing-machine factories in Venezuela!

Did you know that in 2012 Venezuela will open the first AK-47 factory in Latin America?

In June 2005 Venezuela bought 100,000 Kalashnikov AK-103 assault rifles–a variant of the classic AK-47 model- from the Russian Federation in a transaction worth 54 million dollars.

The press widely reported that the objective of the purchase was to introduce the assault rifle as a standard weapon for the National Armed Forces.

Made in Socialism - taking it as it comes

Javier Gárate

Opinions are polarised on Venezuela. The western establishment argues that there is a socialist dictatorship while many on the left believe that a true socialist revolution is taking place. Chavez's denunciation of Western military intervention, his rhetorical opposition to capitalist globalisation, and the fact that he has survived an attempted coup make most of the world's anti-war movements likely to sympathise. But there is also disquiet – about the personality cult, about Chavez's own authoritarianism and affinity with other authoritarian rulers, about an economic policy which in reality is based on partnerships with western oil corporations, and for us in WRI the sheer militarism – the creation of uniformed militia, the presence of military officers at the head of “civilian” organisations, the continuing inculcation of a war mentality. At the invitation of PROVEA (an internationally respected human rights education organisation) and the anarchist magazine El Libertario, in May a three-person WRI delegation went to Caracas and also visited the state of Lara.

Entrevista a Howard Clark de la IRG

Entrevista realizada en el programa "En la mañana" del periodista William Echeverría, transmitido por el canal Globovisión de Venezuela el 11.05.11. Clark, presidente de la Internacional de Resistentes a la Guerra (IRG), explica en qué consiste la lucha contra el miliitarismo y la guerra que realizan desde el año 1921. La grabación fue realizada por una camara HD portátil y no corresponde a lo que se transmitió en pantalla.

Venezuela — Revolution as Spectacle

Venezuela - Revolution as SpectacleVenezuela - Revolution as SpectacleVenezuela: Revolution as Spectacle analyses the Chávez regime from an antiauthoritarian Venezuelan perspective. It debunks claims made by Venezuelan and U.S. rightists that the Chávez government is dictatorial, as well as claims made by Venezuelan and US leftists that the Chávez government is revolutionary. Instead the book argues that the Chávez regime is one of a long line of Latin American populist regimes that — "revolutionary" rhetoric aside — ultimately have been subservient to the United States as well as to multinational corporations. The book concludes by explaining how Venezuela's autonomous social, labour, and environmental movements have been systematically disempowered by the Chávez regime, but that despite this they remain the basis of a truly democratic, revolutionary alternative.

Venezuela: la Revolución como espectáculo

La Revolución como espectáculoLa Revolución como espectáculo

Rafael Uzcátegui: Venezuela: La Revolución como espectáculo.
Una crítica anarquista al gobierno bolivariano.

ISBN: 978-84-937144-5-1

El Libertario/ La Cucaracha Ilustrada / Libros de Anarres / Tierra de Fuego / LaMalatesta

Venezuela: Shock Therapy to “nationalise” and discipline the daily lives of the people

Rafael Uzcátegui

(Newspaper El Libertario)

With the excuse of bringing about greater efficiency in order to reverse the consequences of the great flooding at the end of 2010 which left over one hundred thousand victims, president Chavez has put a new law the National Assembly that would give him special administrative powers for a period of 12 months. At the same time, he wants the National Assembly to approve, in an extraordinary manner, another set of laws, without wide national debate limiting various political and social rights enshrined in the 1999 Constitution.

Venezuela: government backs down regarding compulsory registration for military service

In October 2010, the Venezuelan government has backed down regarding the compulsory registration for military service, which would have come into force on 21 October 2010. In October last year, the Venezuelan parliament passed a new law on military recruitment, which for the first time also introduced compulsory military service registration for Venezuelan women (See CO-Update No 52, November-December 2009).

Venezuela: Reacciones a la Ley del Servicio Militar

La decisión del Gobierno Nacional de “reactivar” la Ley de Conscripción y Alistamiento Militar ha generado por parte de la sociedad civil una actitud de resistencia más fuerte de lo habitual acerca de las órdenes que vienen de parte del Presidente Hugo Chávez. Pero no son solamente los opositores de Chávez los que han rechazado la ley, entre simpatizantes del Gobierno se observa la falta del apoyo incondicional acostumbrado.

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