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This land does not belong to us

"This land does not belong to us. We belong to this land". This quote is from an interview with Hadassah Froman, in relation to her late husband – Rabbi Menachem Froman of the settlement1 of Tekoa next to Bethlehem in the West Bank.

How is power being exercised through the Apartheid wall in Palestine?

Adele Jarrar

The militarization of borders has occurred since ancient times, and locating 'political' frontiers has been a necessary condition all along, for instance, The Great Wall of China, of which Emperor Qin Shi Huang started its earlier sections In 220 BC as a defensible wall against Northern invasions. In the modern era, we can find several examples of militarized borders, such as the Pakistan / India borders, USA / Mexico, and 'Israel' / Palestine. Actually the obsession with 'frontiers' has developed to an extent that we can now even find 'autonomous' agencies whose aim is managing the cooperation with foreign borders guards, including questions of illegal immigration, human trafficking and 'terrorist infiltration', such as "FRONTEX", the EU border agency, which was established in 2004 (FRONTEX, 2007). In this article, however, I will discuss the Apartheid wall in Palestine.

Block the Factory

Ben Whitaker

On July 6 the sun rose to the news that three arms factories had been occupied, and a fourth blockaded. All four factories are wholly owned subsidiaries of Israel’s largest arms company, Elbit Systems.

The world stood silent while we were slaughtered

Ayah Bashir

“Why is there no protection or obligation to apply international law and UN resolutions when it comes to the Palestinian people?”

Palestinian Druze, reservists, conscripts and ultra-Ortodox refuse; Israel attempts to draw in more groups to the military

In the last months in Israel a group of Druze Palestinian war refusers has publicly launched their campaign,  reservists and new conscripts have declared their refusal to take part in Israeli military operations in Gaza, and resistance to the call up of the ultra-Orthodox Jews (Haredim) continues.

Support Palestinian and Israeli war refusers

War Resisters' International supports nonviolent resisters in Palestine and Israel. We are in solidarity with conscientious objectors and those who refuse to participate in the Israeli army. Conscription is active in Israel for women and men, for Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Druze. As well as conscripting full-time recruits, reservists are also enlisted after their mandatory military service has ended. Many reservists have been drafted in 'Operation Protective Edge', the Israeli military assault on Gaza.

If you are subject to compulsory military service in Israel, and do not want to go, contact New Profile.

What you can do to support war resisters in Palestine and Israel

While bombs fall on Gaza: Resisting militarism in Israel

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While the bombs fall on Gaza and the majority of Israeli society seems to support the continuance of the military attack on Gaza, we, as Israelis horrified by the actions of our government, find our voices lost. What can we say and do? What value might this have? How can our echoes have any impact on the situation now?

Smoke rises over Gaza city by Anne PaqSmoke rises over Gaza city by Anne Paq

Internally in Israeli Jewish-society, it is clear that our voice remains unwelcome – protestors calling for the immediate end of the attack on Gaza have been  physically assaulted, eggs, rocks and chairs thrown at them, and some even hospitalized; celebrities who dare  to criticize the military have been  publically shunned and the majority of the elected opposition in the Knesset are aligning positions with the right-wing government. Those politicians, mostly Palestinians living in Israel, who dared to speak out have been cursed, threatened and physically dragged out of the Knesset.

WRI statement on the present Israeli assault on Gaza

Demonstration on Gaza in Cape TownDemonstration on Gaza in Cape Town

The Assembly of the War Resisters’ International, gathered in the City Hall of Cape Town, South Africa, strongly condemns the ongoing assault by the Israeli military on Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. War Resisters’ International considers all war a crime against humanity, and we therefore call for the immediate end of hostilities, and in particular the repeated aggression by the State of Israel against Palestinians.

As opponents of war, we also oppose the causes of war, and stand in solidarity with oppressed people all over the world. We therefore call for the end of the occupation of Palestine and—especially gathered at the building from which Nelson Mandela made his first speech after release from prison—we call for the end of all forms of Apartheid everywhere.

Solidarity for Omar Saad in Athens, 6th April 2014

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Solidarity for Omar Saad in AthensSolidarity for Omar Saad in Athens

Action against the imprisonment of Omar Saad in front of the Greek Parliament at 'Syntagma' Square (Constitution Square) in Athens. 6th April 2014, by activists from Amnesty International in Greece.

Refuse, your nation will protect you campaign launched on the Refusing Mount in front of Atlit military prison

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The campaign “Refuse, your nation will protect you” was officially launched in a demonstration in front of the Atlit military prison last Friday, 21st of March 2014. The program and future action plan aiming to left the mandatory military service off the sons of the Arab Druze society was introduced.

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