Letter from an insumiso

I am Javier Roncero, member of the youth organisation Juventud Obrera Cristiana de Espana (JOC-E; Christian Worker Youth). Through a learning process, both in the family and with this group, we have taken on responsibilities for social change, thinking and taking action according to an alternative vision of society, with more solidarity, more fairness, and in peace.

My refusal to perform military service comes out of this belief. The state's response to this political problem is one of repression-imprisonment for between one year and two years, four months, and a day (as is my sentence).

Insumision: a question of state

Insumision: a question of state

In 1971, Pepe Beunza made history as the first modern Spanish conscientious objector; today he visits prisons to support young objectors who refuse the alternative service which Pepe demanded. With more objectors than conscripts in parts of the state, and with alternative service in administrative chaos, is the Spanish model of massive disobedience to conscription now on the verge of success?

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