AA-MOC Statement: We demand an immediate halt to the State of Alarm in Spain, along with the demilitarization of air traffic controllers

State of AlarmState of Alarm Alternativa Antimilitarista-MOC demands an immediate halt to the State of Alarm regarding air traffic controllers in Spain, as well as their demilitarization.

War starts here: 15 antimilitarist activists make their way into the NATO military base of Valencia and turn it into a playground

This action is part of the protests against the Lisbon NATO summit in November
Saturday, Oct. 30th 2010


Activists in the state of Spain acquitted for Boycott Israel action

Nine people, tried for disturbing public order in the action of boycotting Israel in the Price Circus, have been cleared.

The trial, in which nine activists were tried for an action carried out in June this year, lasted little over half an hour.

Despite the heavy police presence (local, national and secret forces) and security guards, on the 18th of October at 10.30 am around fifty people gathered to show support for those on trial, at the steps of the Plaza de Castilla Courts in Madrid, Spain.

Antimilitarist gathering against air festival in Cadiz

On the morning of 12 September, peace activists protested on the beach at Victoria, Cadiz, during the III (Military) Air Festival. Members of the R.A.N.A (Antimilitarist and Nonviolent Network of Andalucia) carried a huge banner announcing "these planes have been produced for war", while overhead various combat planes - Eurofighter, Harriers, etc - made a horrible noise.

Is war necessary to obtain justice?

The German Marshall Fund of the United States annually does a survey on important "transatlantic trends", which can make an interesting read. One of the questions asked is: "Please tell me to what extent do you agree with the following: Under some conditions, was is necessary to obtain justice." (Q29.2). The answers are quite revealing (see graphic below).

BBVA stained itself with blood in Bilbao [videos]

Denunciation in the board of shareholders of BBVA

Today on Friday March 12th, whilst a protest took place on the other side of Palacio Euskalduna where the board meeting of shareholders the BBVA bank had begun, eight activists disguised as BBVA shareholders were able to fool the police cordon and throw red paint over themselves. As stated by one of them, the red paint represented the blood, which resulted from the investments made in the production and exportation of arms, the basic rights instilled/ inculcated of many people by destructive projects financed by the bank, which also finances the environmental destruction of climate change, and the economies of many countries which affects the well being of its citizens.

Spain: Total objector arrested after eight years

Óscar Cervera García in 2002Óscar Cervera García in 2002On 1 April the Spanish Guardia Civil arrested total objector Óscar Cervera García, an old total objector of the Spanish Movement for Conscientious Objection (MOC). Óscar Cervera García was one of the last five imprisoned total objectors during the campaign "insumision in the barracks" in the late 1990. He was sentenced to 30 months' imprisonment, and was included in WRI's Prisoners for Peace Honour Roll 2001.

15 pacifists made their way into the NATO Response Force HQ of Bétera (Valencia, Spain), after jumping the base safety fences in an act of civil disobedience

Valencia antiOTANValencia antiOTAN15 pacifists made their way into the NATO Response Force HQ of Bétera (Valencia, Spain), after jumping the base safety fences in an act of civil disobedience

This past Saturday, November 28th, around a hundred antimilitarist activists from Bilbao, Salamanca, Elche, Alicante, Zaragoza, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia gathered in the Valencian town of Bétera - at 3 km from

The Catalan Campaign to Demilitarise the Education denounces the presence of the army at the Education Fair in Barcelona

Since the professionalisation of the Spanish army, the army started a campaign to have military presence in the areas of formal and non formal education. The techniques of propaganda used by the Spanish Armed Forces to spread a positive image of itself has changed over the years. Since military service its no longer required, these techniques have used other channels - such as education - and have been directed to other audiences such as children and youth.

Shareholders and nonviolent direct actions at BBVA's Annual Shareholders Meeting

On 13 March 2009 in Bilbao in the Basque Country a series of actions took place to denounce the connections between the BBVA bank and the arms industry., during the company's Annual Shareholders Meeting.

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