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ARK activist nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Vesna Terselic of the Anti-War Campaign of Croatia has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She has been proposed by the International Peace Bureau along with Selim Beslagic, former Mayor of Tuzla, and Vesna Pesic, leader of the Civic Alliance in FRY. Already this has catapulted Vesna T. (an individual member of the WRI, as well as coordinator of ARK) into public prominence.

75th Anniversary Events by Affiliates

Speaking tour with Saswati Roy, from SWADHINA (India) - June-July

The WRI FöGA working group, which had already sponsored Saswati's participation in the 1994 Triennial in Brazil, is now planning a speaking tour for Saswati in Germany from mid-June to mid-July. These dates were chosen to allow her to take part in the next WRI Coundl meeting, in Liege. Saswati has already been invited by several groups to speak on the position of women in India and grassroots relationships between development, environment and women's issues.

From our Affiliates

DFG-VK Votes to Double its Affiliation Fee to the WRI.

In Hamburg last November Gernot Lennert, the anti-militarist answer to Jørgen Klinsman, scored the most marvelous goal for WRI in Germany since the Berlin Coundl meeting of 1990. The goal followed an incisive tactical build-up and delicate interpassing with WRI's French star Dominique Saillard.

Lennert began the move with a shrewd agenda-change resolution, a manoeuvre rarely seen outside Germany, opening the way for Saillard to face the assembled ranks of the DFG-VK.

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