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Stimmen für Verständigung in Israel/Palästina

Solidarität mit den Kriegsdienstverweigerern in Israel

Rückblick auf das Konzert am 10. Oktober 2008
- unterstützt von der IDK -

Eine ungewöhnliche Form der Solidarität mit der israelischen Graswurzelbewegung und den Kriegsdienstverweigerern in Israel wurde von der IDK (Internationale der Kriegsdienstgeg-ner/innen) in Berlin initiiert.

War, Peace, Justice, and the Elections: A WRL Statement

Like many—perhaps most—advocates for peace and justice, we at the War Resisters League are of more than one mind about the upcoming elections. We come from diverse political perspectives, including varying shades of socialism, anarchism, and reform-oriented liberalism, and have concomitantly diverse opinions within the organization and our membership about whether and how to engage elections.

URGENT ACTION: Aguilas Negras threaten Red Juvenil Medellín

Statement by Red Juvenil Medellín

We want to inform human rights organizations and government agencies of the threat made against our organization by paramilitaries calling themselves Las Aguilas Negras (Black Eagles).

    Licht am Ende des Tunnels?

    Subjektive Eindrücke von der 24. Konferenz der War Resisters' International (WRI)

    aus graswurzelrevolution

    Die traditionsreiche antimilitaristische Internationale War Resisters' International, 1921 gegründet, existiert noch. Sie hat heute rund 80 Mitgliedsgruppen in 43 Ländern. Es gibt keine nationalen Sektionen; wer der WRI-Erklärung zustimmt, kann beitreten, einzeln oder als Gruppe. Die WRI traf sich vom 24.-27.7.2006 zu ihrer 24. Internationalen Konferenz in Geseke-Ehringerfeld bei Paderborn.

    WRI Statement on the latest killings of members of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, Colombia:

    The War Resisters' International - an international pacifist network with affiliated groups in about 40 countries countries - was horrified to learn of the torture, killing and mutilation of Luis Eduardo Guerra and seven of his companions, including three children, from the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó. Horrified, but - unfortunately - not surprised.

    CO contacts and WRI affiliates in Latin America

    This is an - incomplete - list of groups in Latin America working on issues of conscientious objection and related areas.

    Public Declaration from Ni Casco ni Uniforme, Chile

    Today, 11 September 2003, these are our reflections about the transition, the dictatorship and the military coup:

    We have been invaded by a series of commemorative acts. Faced with this, we think that the memory should not be spent in the form of remembrances and commemorations, that the act of remembering should not paralyse nor bring to a close the construction of a freer society that respects the dignity of all men and women.

    Balkan Peace Team - International e.V.

    Balkan Peace Team - International e.V.

    Nonviolent Intervention in the Conflicts of Former Yugoslavia: Sending Teams of International Volunteers

    A Final Internal Assessment of

    Soldiers' Mothers of Saint Petersburg non-governmental presentation

    Raz'ezzhaya ulica, 9, 191002 SAINT-PETERSBURG
    Tel/fax: 007-812-1124199; 1125058; e-mail: info@soldiersmothers.spb.org


    The organisation "Soldiers' Mothers of Saint Petersburg" is a non-governmental human rights organisation that defends the rights of conscripts, recruits and their relatives.

    From our Affiliates

    Alba Kör's NO to NATO in Hungary

    With a national referendum on joining NATO due to take place mid-November in Hungary, the

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