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The Spanish export of arms in 2014: between illegality and joint arms programs

During 2014, Spain made defence materials exports worth €3.203 million, whilst in total €3.666 million worth of exports were authorized. The value of the actual exports has decreased by 18% in comparison to that reached in 2013, from €3.907 million. Nonetheless, the tendency during the last 10 years has been a continued increase, as revealed in the following graph.

Spanish exports of defence material 2005-2014

No more weapons to the Middle East

Wendela de Vries describes the action Stop Wapenhandel took against the presence of Dutch companies at the IDEX arms fair.

Conscription begins in UAE

The last CO Update reported plans in UAE to introduce conscription. This has now begun. Conscripts start at age 17, with high school students who have failed their last year of schooling delaying their conscription until they have completed final exams in the next academic year. The military training centres for conscripts can accommodate between 5,000 and 7,000 people. Conscription began on July 13.

Two Gulf States introduce conscription

In November, Qatar’s government approved a draft law making it compulsory for men to do military service for up to four months. This is the first instance of conscription in the state of Qatar. The four-month term would apply to Qatari men who have not attended school, college or university, and those who did attend but did not complete high school after reaching 21. Graduates will be conscripted for three months. No time frame for the introduction of compulsory military service has been given.

United Arab Emirates


1 Conscription

conscription does not exist

Conscription has never existed.

The introduction of conscription is not foreseen. However it was announced in 1990 that all university students had to undergo military training if they wished to graduate. Introduced as a reaction to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the authorities decided to regard this requirement as a possible prelude to reservist training. No further details are known.

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