War on the Balkans

Nonviolent solutions in Kosov@

There are moments when the military manage to put a nonviolent solution beyond immediate reach. The cycle of provocation-reaction between the Kosova Liberation Army and various Serbian forces has combined with the bullying of NATO to make this one of those times.

Serbian NGO Demand for Restoration of the Peace Process

NATO bombardment and armed conflicts in Kosovo must stop. The only way out of the crisis is an unconditional restoration of the peace process.

Since the effects of erratic policies are mass destruction of human life and devastation of the land, restoration of the peace process shall be a difficult task which will require participation of everyone who is able to make contributions to development and implementation of suitable solutions.

Belgrade 17-NGO Appeal

Deeply shocked by NATO strikes devastation of our country and the plight of Kosovo Albanians, we, the representatives of non-governmental organizations and the Nezavisnost Trade Union Confederation, energetically demand from those who have created this tragedy to immediately take all necessary steps to create conditions for the resumption of peace process.

Kosovo: Preparing for after the war

Report for the Kosovo Working Group of the Committee for Conflict Transformation Support

Monday and Tuesday in Kosovo - 29 and 30 March 1999

I reached Pristina before nightfall. I could not get to the HLC office. The building is opposite the Police Department and prison and the front entrance was locked. Someone inside said, "We don't know you and we won't open the door." By his accent, I knew the man was Serb and he must have known by mine that I was Serb too. I knew that the residents were Serb and Albanian and I saw their determination to allow no strangers into the building as the good side of Pristina. I went round the back and saw guards at the entrance of the neighboring building.

Cartas de Kosovo y Serbia

distribuidas por Mujeres de Negro (Madrid) y MOC-Valencia

De nuevo las bombas

Carta de una activista de los derechos humanos en Kosovo a Mujeres de Negro de Belgrado.

Letter from a woman peace activist in Serbia

War Resisters' International is in contact with women peace activists in the former Yugoslavia, who are feminist, pacifist and anti-nationalist in ideology. They have been campaigning against war and ethnic cleansing throughout the decade, at great personal risk and sacrifice. We preserve their anonymity.

March 28, 1999

One night erased the results of ten years

The massive air strikes against Yugoslavia do not only destroy army installations. They also take human lives and ruin the economic infrastructure of our impoverished country. In the long run, however, the biggest collateral damage will be the shattered possibilities for democracy in Serbia. We fear that the only durable result of the undeclared war will be a permanent state of emergency, legal and spiritual, this time with the support of the bewildered majority, which has always sided with the government in times of extreme adversity and danger.

Support Serbian deserters

Milosevic warned ominously last night that there will be "no mercy for deserters" from the Serbian army. Already, deserters and draft evaders from this conscript army face up to 20 years imprisonment (art. 214, 217 and 226, Chapter 20, Federal Criminal Code, Offences against the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), as well as the inevitable persecution and intimidation.

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