War on the Balkans

Appeal for the Amnesty of Deserters and Draft Evaders in Serbia and Montenegro

From the Women in Black international gathering, Ulcinj, Montenegro (October 1999)

WE, ... women gathered in ULCINJ

Report on the activities of the "Safe House" project


The "Safe House" project actively took part in the preparation of Amnesty International's campaign to draw world's attention to the problems of hundreds and thousands of deserters and draft evaders from Serbia and Montenegro who are either imprisoned or in exile, fearing extremely harsh penalties if they return. The biggest number of them is to be found in Hungary. The vast majority of those has no status, no help or understanding from anywhere. In order to fully evaluate their situation a visit was organized to two biggest refugee camps in Hungary.

"Safe House" project report on the perspectives of Amnesty Law for draft evaders and deserters in Serbia and Montenegro

This report is compiled from the press materials, interviews and personal observations and findings.

Dusan Masic, for Radio B2-92, interviews Natasa Kandic, manager of the Humanitarian Law Fund

B2-92: Today we're going to talk about things nobody has talked about yet, but which must be discussed if we want to move forward. To begin with I'll read you a story. This is an account by Natasa Kandic of events that took place in the Kosovo village of Cuska:

Plenum zum Kosov@-Krieg

Dorie Wilsnack, WRI (Moderation)
Bojan Aleksov, Women in Black, Budapest
Zorica Trifunovic, Women in Black, Belgrad
Howard Clark, WRI/Balkan Peace Team, Madrid

Steinkimmen, 09. August 1999
20.00 bis 22.00 Uhr

Plenum: Die neue NATO

Howard Clark, War Resisters' International (Moderation)
Toma Šik, Alba Kör (Ungarn)
Ellen Elster, Folkereising Mot Krig (Norwegen)
Christine Schweitzer, Bund für soziale Verteidigung (Deutschland)

Steinkimmen, 08. August 1999

Safe House Budapest

The idea for the project was born in May this year among Yugoslav deserters and draft evaders who found refuge in Hungary. Since the escalation of war in Kosovo and the consequent NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, thousands of people fled to surrounding countries, Hungary being the most frequent destination for people from Serbia, especially the draft evaders and deserters.

"Safe house" report on the situation of conscientious objectors, draft evaders and deserters from the most recent conflict in Yugoslavia

This is a preliminary report compiled on the facts gathered at the "Safe house" project. Further reports and comments will be distributed upon collection of more data. Therefore, we would appreciate any contribution in this direction.

Flora Brovina

We ask that the world give special attention to fellow activist, Dr. Flora Brovina, who has been taken from Kosovo to the hospital prison in Pozarevac. She is in a very bad state of health. Contact to a lawyer has been forbidden.

Arrested on 22 April 1999, she was detained in the prison of Lipljan, then the hospital of Pristina. She has not been legally charged and no reason is known for this imprisonment.

Dr. Brovina was one of the many Albanian political prisoners who were transferred from Kosovo to Serbia by withdrawing Serbian troops.

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