War on the Balkans


The changing face of the military was the theme of the War Resisters' International seminar held in Germany in August, which brought together about 40 participants.

Consequences of the "New NATO"

"New NATO" poses quite some challenges for the power balance in the world and goes beyond defending security. NATO has already moved east and therefore closer to Russia, which lost its former allies.

"Safe House" project report on the situation in Montenegro

related to war mobilizations and other incidents which involved armed forces

The Military Court of Justice stroke almost into the center of Montenegrian political life. The trial process started against vice-president of Montenegro Government, Mr. Novak Kilibarda for his statements, which were described as "endangering the military and defense strength of FRY" and charges were also raised against two ministers - Mr. Dragan Soc and Mr.Vojin Djukanovic.

Statement by Israeli women, Jewish and Palestinian:

President Milosevic of Yugoslavia has engaged in ruthless oppression of the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. This must be halted.

The bombings by NATO forces must also be halted. They are cruel, immoral, and engender even greater violence. War cannot be resolved by waging yet another war.

We, Jewish and Palestinian women, all Israeli, all too familiar with the ways of war, demand an end to the use of violence as a legitimate tool. Those who profit from war are politicians and weapons manufacturers.

Let us not lend our hand to this unconscionable act.

"Safe house" project report - Seventh report

There are a few positive developments since our last report but unfortunately, the need for our work continues if not intensifies.

Deserters and draft evaders in Yugoslavia are still waiting for an amnesty to come

By Andreas Speck

Since June the war that was not called a war is officially over. After 79 days of bombing Yugoslavia agreed to withdraw its forces from Kosov@ and to accept NATO to lead KFOR within Kosov@.

Police raid on student protest in Belgrade

Report from the Ad Hoc Coalition for the Women's Political Rights

Dear friends,

Yesterday it was 9th of November, in some places also known as the International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism. The Serbian parliament had a session in which the opposition parties submitted a demand for new elections. Therefore, for that day Belgrade students organisations, under the title "Protest" (about 8 organizations), announced the protest march at 1 pm, while the oppositional political parties gathered in "Alliance for Changes" announced their protest at 3 pm.

"Safe house" project report - sixth report

On Thursday, the 14th of October, the "Safe House" project with the help of American Friends Service Committee organized a big meeting and dinner for more than thirty deserters and draft evaders with whom we have close contact in Budapest. It was a short break from daily desperation, disillusionment that they find themselves in Hungary without possibility to get refugee status and accompanied aid and right to work or possibility to leave for a third country.

Trial of Flora Brovina

Dear friends,

In previous e-mails we sent you information about Flora Brovina, a pediatrician, founder and president of the Alliance of Albanian Women of Kosovo. She was arrested by Serbian police on 20th of April 1999 and held in Kosovo's Lipljan prison; on 10th of June, she and hundred of others prisoners were transferred to prisons inside Serbia.

On 11th of November started her trial process in Nis, this was a farce and in order to find material evidences (because they hadn't any) the prosecutor postponed the trial for the 25th of November.

"Safe house" project report on perspectives of the Amnesty law in Yugoslavia

(This report is compiled of excerpts from talks that Bojan Toncic, a journalist of Belgrade daily "Danas" conducted with various experts and concerned persons in Belgrade.)

Yugoslav public was recently shocked with the information that father of the soldier who died in the war, killed the man who brought to his son a draft call. That is how the duty of people who were delivering draft calls during the war, with more or less responsibility, got another dimension.

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