War on the Balkans

Balkan Peace Team - Kosovo/a

Monthly Report No. 16

BPT summer reports, summer 2000

The following articles were written by BPT-Kosovo/a team members for the BPT Newsletters No. 19 and No. 20

May 15th, the conscientious objectors` day

May 15th has been proclaimed the international conscientious objectors` day on the ICOM (International Conscientious Objectors Meeting) in the year 1983. Yet, it was only this year that the antimilitarist network, consisting of NGO from many towns in Serbia and Montenegro, organized, let us say, a notification of this day. The action of notifying this date took part in 17 towns simultaneously. Although in most of the towns the basic action consisted of delivering leaflets and sticking posters, even such modest actions were not allowed in some places by the police.

"Safe house" project report - Ninth report

In last two weeks several religious objectors were released from prisons in Zabela and Nis, Serbia (one Orthodox Christian and a few Jehovah's witnesses). In fact their five-year sentences for draft evasion or refusal to carry a weapon in times of war (NATO military intervention) were replaced with one-year sentence, usually given in times of peace.

Balkan Peace Team - Kosovo/a

Balkan Peace Team - Kosovo/a

Monthly Report, May 2000


1. BPT Coordinating Committee Meeting

The quarterly meeting of the Balkan Peace Team's Coordinating Committee (CC) was held in Prishtina from 5 May through 7 May. The meeting provided an opportunity for team members to update CC members on the work in Kosovo/a and to plan future strategies.

Wars start in the spring …

about mobilization, and threats of war

"This spring we must have time to see the cherries trees and lime trees blossom, if we do not than it is the end because we must not allow the killings and shooting to go on, not here and not in Montenegro. The hands must be put down and the hollowing reduced to a normal level…" writes these days Borka Pavicevic, theatre director, coordinator of the Center for Cultural Decontamination/Denazification a haven for all of us, who are the Others, who are different in this city, a place where we can find a space for diversity all these years.

The War is Not Over Yet

From the Safe House Project in Budapest

On the anniversary of the beginning of NATO bombing which brought about the escalation of the war in Kosovo and the largest military operations in Europe since WWII, we want to once again speak for those for whom the war is not over yet. Namely, the numerous imprisoned or exiled deserters and conscientious objectors from Serbia who still suffer from refusing to wage a war against civilians in Kosovo or simply refusing to be sacrificial lamb of Milosevic in the pointless war with NATO.

Trial of Albanian Students in Belgrade Continues

Five Albanian students of the Belgrade University (Petrit Berisha, Driton Berisha, Dritan Meca, Derguti Shkodran and Abdulah Islam) have been in pre trail confinement since the middle of April 1999, when they were arrested in Belgrade. They are charged with "terrorism and banding for hostile activity".

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