Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns: second edition

You can order a printed copy of the Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns in our webshop at http://wri-irg.org/node/23245. The first edition is available on our website at http://wri-irg.org/node/3855. A PDF of the full handbook is available here.

As translations of the second edition are completed, they will be added as translations of each article, and the full PDF will be made available, too. The first edition was translated into Arabic, Català, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Tigrinya, Turkish and Ukranian.


About this handbook

Introduction to nonviolence

What is nonviolence, and why use it?

Historical uses of nonviolence

Nonviolence training

Gender and nonviolence




Developing strategic campaigns

Why things don't "just happen"

Planning nonviolent campaigns

Constructive programme

Theories of change

Stages of escalation in a nonviolent campaign

Movement action plan

Popular education

Mobilising for change: building power in Nepal

Community: culture of peace

Organising effective actions

Sending the protest message

Working in groups

Maintaining nonviolence during an action


Coping with the stress and strain

Activism in oppressive regimes


Forms of nonviolent action

Tactic star

Roles before, during and after an action

Dilemma actions


Legal support

Action evaluation

Case studies: stories and experiences


International solidarity with South Africa

Seabrook-Whyl-Marckolsheim: transnational links in a chain of campaigns

Chile: Gandhi's insights gave people courage to defy Chile's dictatorship

South Korea: the power of international solidarity

South Korea: the use of social media in nonviolent campaigns

Colombia: Peace Community of San José de Apartadó

Turkey: building a nonviolent culture

Castor - how we mobilised people for civil disobedience

Freedom Flotilla to Gaza - a dilemma action case study

Israel: New Profile learns from the experience of others

Nonviolent intervention in Kenya: empowering community action for social justice

West Papua: "We will be free"

Afghan nonviolence handbook

Disaspora solidarity for Eritrea: the Arbi Harnet campaign

Training and exercises

Tasks and tools for organising a training

Parallel lines


River of life - gender lens

Imagine the future: setting goals

10/10 strategies

The problem tree/healthy tree

The pillars of power

Power flower

Letter from a Birmingham jail

Risky situation

Spectrum of allies

Tree and wind

Decision making

I could do that if ….

Role playing

Spectrum and cross spectrum

"Is it newsworthy?"

Forum theatre

Who has power in a school?

Tools for grounding, protecting and blockading




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