Dear readers of CO-Update.

Welcome to our 50th issue of CO-Update. We started this e-newsletter in September 2004 - exactly 5 years ago - to "provide information on new developments regarding conscription, military service, and conscientious objection" (see CO-Update No 1). And a lot has been reported in these past 50 issues - some important successes, such as the judgement of the European Court of Human Right in the case of Osman Murat Ülke (see CO-Update No 17, February 2006), or the decision of the Human Rights Committee on two individual complaints from South Korea (see CO-Update No 27, February 2007). But usually it's not these big decisions which fill an issue of CO-Update, but the ongoing small developments, good and bad.

With the launch of War Resisters' International's new website last year, the individual articles of the CO-Update e-newsletter have also been integrated into the website, and can easily be accessed together with other news items on a certain country, or via the World Survey pages (which have seen an extensive update of all European Union country entries in October last year). These changes have made CO-Update an even more useful resource.

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Andreas Speck