Protesta contra comercio de armas en Brasil (en ingles)


Aqui informacion de una accion contra la feria de armamentos LAAD la mas
grande en America Latina que se realiza en Brasil. Disculpen pero el
articulo esta en ingles.


Protesting the arms trade in Brazil
Worldwide Activism, Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign,
May 11th, 2009

Merchants of war visiting Brazil for the Latin American Aerospace and
Defense (LAAD) Trade Show were met with a noisy protest made up of
social movements, unions, student organizations, left parties and other
popular organizations. The LAAD Fair showcased some of the biggest
global names in war profiteering from across the world, including Elbit
Systems, Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI), Rafael Advance Defense
Systems, and Israel Military Industries (IMI).

The action, which took place outside of the trade show at the Riocentro,
west of Rio de Janeiro, was organized by the Social Movements Session,
Rio de Janeiro's Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian people,
and musician Marcelo Yuka. Participants occupied the entrance to the
convention site, distributing toy weapons and candy to those who were
attending the aptly renamed “Fair of Death”. Many carried banners and
posters decrying the destruction recently brought upon Gaza. Several
hip-hop groups also preformed at the demonstration.

The LAAD is the largest and most important defense and security fair in
Latin America. Every two years, the fair brings together some 300
Brazilian and international companies.

This year, protestors were doubly outraged about the presence of four
key Israeli companies in Brazil that supply and profit from the ongoing
war waged against the Palestinian people. Elbit Systems, for instance,
provides drones, equipment and munitions for all branches of the armed
forces as well as developing technology used in the Wall. Rafael is a
leader in the manufacture of missile systems, while IMI is the main
producer of small arms for Occupation military units and also
manufactures armor plating for the infamous Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer.

The fourth Israeli firm present, IAI, also is a producer of drones and
related technologies. At a reception following the trade show, the head
of the firm announced the beginning of a joint company with the South
American company Synergy Group. The newly founded EAE Aerospace
Engineering Ltd. will market various technologies tried and tested on
the Palestinian people. Yair Shamir, Chairman of the Board of Israel
Aerospace Industries, stated, "we will be active in Brazil and other
Latin American countries in the aerospace, maritime, and homeland
security sectors."

Activists condemned the Brazilian government for allowing the fair to
take place, arguing that in doing so the state placed itself against
those who are struggling for freedom, justice and equality in Palestine
and across the globe.