Chile: New WRI section MOC Rompiendo Filas takes nonviolent direct action

On 16 August 2004, activists of MOC Rompiendo Filas from Temuco, which was accepted as a new WRI section at the Council meeting in Ohrid at the end of June, took to the streets and protested in front of offices of the regional government. They staged a play in front of the building, calling for conscientious objection to military service, and protesting against military expenditure. In the dramatic street theatre play (pictured left), 'soldiers' beat up conscientious objectors, even 'killing' them. In the end, other insumisos (objectors) disarm the soldiers and remove their uniform jackets, to uncover calls for insumision (disobedience). The real soldiers only arrived at the end of the play, and nobody was detained.

Prior to the action MOC Rompiendo Filas organised a weekend of training, focusing on military service and nonviolence. During the training, the participants also designed the action, which is part of the 2004 campaign against conscription.
Source: email Alvaro Boguen, 17 August 2004 - also on
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