Russia is not an easy country for radical activists. The tragic events from last weekend, when fascists attacked a protest camp at the nuclear enrichment plant in Angarsk, Siberia, attacking protesters with iron bars, knives, and pneumatic pistols, was only the last in a long series of fascist violence in Russia - and not the first in which an activist died.

During a visit of War Resisters' International to Russia in February and March, we could ourselves experience the permanent threat of fascist attacks for any kind of radical activity - be they a public talk or a punk concert.

While we do not agree with all aspects of the politics of some of the radical activists in Russia - many of them don't subscribe to our nonviolent world view - we need to support them in their opposition to fascist violence.

After the attack of Angarsk, we mourn with the relatives and friends of Ilya Bodoraenko, 21 years old, from Nachodka and member of Autonomous Action. He died in hospital from the wounds sustained during the attack. Others are still in hospital, although not in life-threatening conditions.
The camp asks for donations to transport Ilya's body to Nachodka, for his funeral, for medical expenses of other activists, and for the support of the reestablishment of the camp.

Andreas Speck, WRI Office