War Resisters' International RSS newsfeeds now available

War Resisters' International has been working hard recently to provide new features on its website. After the launch of our Wiki in September, War Resisters' International provides now a range of news and updates not only as email lists, but also as RSS newsfeeds.

The WRI site now has the following RSS feeds for regularly updated sections of its site:
CO Update newsletter
The Broken Rifle (all languages)
CO Alerts
What's New on the WRI Website
WRI Info

News from the Network
These feeds work best with mail programs and integrated browsers such as Thunderbird, Netscape, and Opera; browser plugins such as Sage and Pluck; and freestanding RSS readers (of which there are many). It can also be imported into the Firefox browser as a "live bookmark".

WRI's staff and webmaster hope that these new features will help to make WRI's website more accessable.