With this issue we start a series of articles to help you in your campaigning against war profiteers. A first step in a campaign is to research the corporation you want to target, so we focus on researching war profiteers in this issue. We are not researchers ourselves, but we recommend various sources for campaigners. We especially encourage you to use the guides for corporate research. An important strategy for obtaining good information is to develop relationships between organisations that research corporations and peace movement organisations. So we can share and combine skills. We need their research, and they need campaigns to change the situation of war profiteers. I encourage you to look for organisations doing counter corporate and research work in your area and see how you can collaborate with.

I would also like to mention that during the last World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, WRI held a workshop on Networking Against War Profiteers. This workshop was very successful as people from different parts of the world came together to share their knowledge and their questions and needs for campaigning against war profiteers. This helps the development of our Global Initiative Against War Profiteers.

Finally, the last issue of War Profiteers' News was the first issue that was not only issued in English but also in Spanish. We hope to be able to publish it in more languages, especially French and German as these are the four WRI languages. We are always in need for translators, so if you can help us making this resources available in other languages please contact the WRI office.

Thank you,

Javier Gárate