Image Assist

Image Assist is a tool to add images to any content on the WRI website.

If you click the icon, you will get a new form which allows you to either use an image which has already been uploaded, or to upload a new image from your local hard drive.
Add an imageAdd an image

Upload a new imageUpload a new image

Once you have chosen or uploaded your image, you can then decide where it should be located in your story, its size, give it a title, etc.

Format your imageFormat your image

Then simply hit "insert" and the image will be added to your story. Now an image "tag" will appear in the body of your story. This enables the system to render your image in the correct location. You can add as many images to your story as you need to.

The image tagThe image tag

If you have a lot of images, perhaps you should add an album to the gallery?