PDF help

Issues of the Broken Rifle, some major reports, and some campaigning materials are offered both in HTML and in Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF files are generally more useful for those who wish to print and distribute their own copies of these documents, or for those who prefer this document format for on-screen reading.

The most common program for reading (and printing) PDF files is Adobe Reader, a proprietary program.

Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free for Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Palm, and other OS's at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.

There are several alternative PDF viewers which you can use in place of Acrobat. You can see a list of free open source readers at http://pdfreaders.org/index.en.html.

While WRI's PDF files are normally backward-compatible with older versions of Acrobat Reader, and with the non-proprietary viewers mentioned above, we at times use embedded fonts for non-Latin scripts; these may not work on all systems.