How to create a story

Stories are the basis of much of the public content on the WRI website. You can use html in the body of your text and you can add images and attach documents to your story.

In order to be displayed in the appropriate area of the website, all stories must be categorised correctly.

This how-to guide will walk you through adding a new story and editing existing stories. Screenshots are presented below each element of the process.

Let's start

First, log in to the website via the login box (or at
Next select "create story" from the contributor menu.
You will be presented with a form for completion.

Create a new storyCreate a new story


Now you need to choose suitable categories from the "categorisation" menus. Yes, there are many! But it is important that you categorise your story correctly. If you need guidance on how to categorise your story, contact the WRI office for support and advice.

Apply categorisationApply categorisation

Title and body

Next you should give your story a suitable short title and enter your main text in the body field.

Add title and main bodyAdd title and main body

Stories use what is called a "teaser". This is the first few lines either from the body of your story, or explaining what the story is about. You do not have to use this - the system will simply snip a a default number of characters from the body text and use that as the teaser. But sometimes you might want to customise, so experiment using the "preview" option (at the bottom) and see what works for your story.

Using the teaser/split summary functionUsing the teaser/split summary function


The website uses a 'What you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) system for formatting articles. It works very similarly to Word or Libre Office Writer. Simply select the text you wish to change, and select 'B' or 'I' if you wish to embolden or italicise text. There are also options for choosing different headings, underlining, creating bullet points or a numbering system.


Notice the image icon at the bottom. Use this to add images to your story. This will open Image Assist, which guides you through adding an image to your story.

The "add image" iconThe "add image" icon

File attachments

If you need to attach a file (eg a presentation, working or discussion paper) to your story, use the "file attachments" option. This will enable you to upload one or more files from your local hard drive and associate them with your story so that people reading your story can also access the files you have attached.
Attaching filesAttaching files


Before you save your story to the website it is a good idea to use the preview function to see how it will look. This way you can make changes before anyone else sees it. Use the preview button, make any changes and then use the "save" button to finally add your story to the website.

Preview and savePreview and save

Subsequent editing

If you need to make changes to your story later on, simply log in to the website, find your story and use the "edit" button. You will now get your original form back, from where you can make the necessary changes. Preview and Save as before.

Going back and editingGoing back and editing