Educating for peace and conscientious objection in South Korea

Anti-conscription activists in South KoreaAnti-conscription activists in South KoreaOn 25th May, War Resisters' International organised a webinar on conscientious objection, peace education and countering youth militarisation in South Korea. In the webinar, we had presentations from two Seoul-based peace campaigners active in the field for many years: Hanui Choi, Coordinator and Peace Education Facilitator at PEACE MOMO, and Seungho Park, a conscientious objector and an activist from World without War.

In his presentation, Seungho Park told us about the history of resistance to military service in South Korea, the current status of conscientious objectors in the country and discussed prospects for an improvement in the rights of conscientious objectors.

Hanui Choi informed us about their ongoing peace education project, and gave us a framework of the militarisation of education in South Korea, as well as the ongoing campaigns to counter it. In order to listen to the webinar, please click here. You can find her presentation from 37:46.