Resistance to NATO's Trident Juncture exercises

The “largest exercise of NATO since the end of the Cold War1, will take place in October and November in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain. The Trident Juncture will see over 36,000 soldiers from more than 30 countries will take part in Italy, Portugal, and the State of Spain, and more than half of them – 20,000 soldiers – will do so in the State of Spain. There are initiatives by the pacifist and antimilitarist movement of Andalucía to organise civil disobedience actions in Barbate (Amphibian Training Range of the Sierra del Retín) with the support of Alternativa Antimilitarista.MOC in the state of Spain and with the European Antimilitarist Network. Other groups are organising protests in Zaragoza (the National Training Centre of San Gregorio) and in Barcelona.


The 82a División Aerotransportada in its Facebook page, 2 July 2015: