Notes from our conference call

Dear all,

I must apologise - this has taken me some time to get around to!

I've attached some very brief notes from the conference call that Miles,
Cattis and I had for this working group during the eCouncil. Also
attached is Cattis' very interesting introduction to the topic (also
available online here: -
there are also some photos attached to go with it.

There are some ideas at the end of the notes about how we could take
this group forward. One of the main ones is: who else can we ask to join
us? Have a think, and please consider inviting others from your network
who you think may particularly be interested in contributing to our
future work on queering antimilitirism (within and beyond WRI) - and
working out exactly what that work might be!

On top of these notes, there is also the request I sent round (from
Andrew) about working with him on the next edition of the Handbook for
Nonviolent Campaigns. Remember to respond to him at
if you are interested in that project!