Theme group conveners wanted for South Africa conference!

Dear all,

One of the things we spoke about last week in the queer working group
conference call was that this group could contribute by suggesting
people who would be good theme group conveners at the upcoming
International Conference in South Africa - people who will bring queer
issues and gender awareness to the table.

Info on the conference (taking place next July) is here:

Theme groups run throughout the conference - a group works together each
day, with two people convening each group. At the end of the conference
there is then space for these groups to feed back to the whole
gathering. We are now in the process of collecting suggestions for who
convene these theme group (which by the way are not set in stone - there
can still be suggestions for other theme groups).

So, please, send in your suggestions! (either to me at, or to the whole list if you prefer). The current
theme group suggestions are below.

Theme groups
- Military alliances and military interventions
- Daily violence (domestic violence, hate violence, urban insecurity,
- War profiteering
- Militarisation of youth
- Dealing with the past
- Nonviolent community struggles
- Civil resistance and 'people power' movements
- Peacebuilding
- Economic crises and militarism

I look forward to seeing your suggestions,