Queer working group at WRI's eCouncil: conference call, Wednesday 25th

Dear all,

For those of you I've not spoken to before, I'm Hannah - I arrived at
WRI last September, taking on the Right to Refuse to Kill work from
Andreas. Pleased to meet you!

As a queer antimilitarist myself, I'm excited about getting the queer
working group going again. As part of this restart, there's a conference
call for the queer working group during the WRI's eCouncil
, which starts this Friday.

The conference call for the qwg will take place next Wednesday, 25th, at
5.00pm UTC.*If you would like to join, please let me know.* Especially
also let me know if you really want to join and can't make that time, so
we can fix a time that is suitable for everyone. We chose this time in
particular because many time zones are awake then :)

Cattis Laska, part of Ofog, is going to offer a short introduction to
give us a start for the conversation, on the theme of the militarisation
of LGBT and Queer movements. Below you will see info on the topic.
Hopefully we can spend some time exploring this, and then move on to
talking more about the queer working group in general, and what its
contribution to WRI might be now. The call will be in English, but we
can also have castellano interpretation - I am sending a separate email
also to those castellano speakers on this mailing list to ask if they
can participate.

Please do let anyone you know who might be interested in joining this
call, and being part of WRI's queer working group in future, about this
call and invite them to participate.

You can find more info on how to participate in the eCouncil in general
here: http://wri-irg.org/InvitationeCouncilAgenda

Thanks, look forward to speaking to many of you next week!

. _Queer working group __*Conference call *__/Facilitated by /__/Cattis
Laska, Hannah Brock/__, Wednesday 25 th September, 5.00pm UTC_
This conference call will explore the militarisation of LGBT and Queer
movements, and how to respond. Starting with a look at the experiences
of movements in
Europe that are starting to be militarised (for example with the need of
police and military protection, increasing levels of hate crime
legislation which,
though intended to protect at-risk groups, also lead to further
militarisation) we can then share experiences from other contexts around
the world, and
discuss how anti-militarists in Queer and LGBT movements can do,
focusing on how countering militarism in LGBT movement is connected to
antimilitarist movements. This is a way for people interested in these
issues to join together -- our Queer Working Group has not been so
active of late,
and we hope this opportunity to come together can be used to rejuvenate
thinking of these issues!

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