Letter from a conscientious objector in prison in Israel

Lotahn wrote from prison,
"Ideas and morals cannot be locked in a prison. Aspirations for justice cannot be silenced or put behind bars. I was put in jail for fighting for justice, but imprisoning me cannot imprison the universal fight for a world where immoralities are not regarded as painful but necessary realities, where men are not sent off to kill or be killed in wasteful wars forced upon them, a world where greed does not control human existence nor detract us from what is right.

The amount of support and encouragement I have received from so many people from around the world of different backgrounds and ages has convinced me without a shadow of a doubt that I am not alone in this struggle, that I am one of an ever growing movement which is bound to be triumphant. It is by raising our voices and struggling for what we know is right that we will achieve our goals. It is because of you raising your voices in support of me that I can see the struggle through and not be deterred and that my voice has not been silenced in spite of my imprisonement. It is by us standing united, tall and loud that we will see the struggle through together to our victory.
With great respect and appreciation to all."
Lotahn Raz