WRI and Red Juvenil de Medellín are delighted to invite you to our upcoming international conference: War in the Global South: Autonomy, Emancipation and Decolonisation Strategies, to be held in Medellín, Colombia. WRI has a long history of cooperation with Red Juvenil, who's commitment to nonviolence and antimilitarism is of huge inspiration to our network.

WRI also works closely with several other Colombian groups, who also believe nonviolence and antimilitarism is the only way out of the protracted Colombian war. This conference will give us the opportunity to learn about different experiences within Colombia and how they challenge the spiral of violence and militarisation in the country.

Latin America as a region will also feature strongly in the conference, with the presence of representatives from numerous countries, who will bring their analysis of how militarism and war are waged in the region. WRI has been supporting the Latin American antimilitarist network, and this conference will be crucial to consolidating the network.

The conference will also look at other regions of the Global South as well as connecting with the work of War Resisters' International in Europe and North America.

We see in this conference an opportunity to bring Latin America closer to WRI and WRI closer to Latin America. Don't miss it!

Javier Gárate