WRI Queer Working Group - notes from meeting on 21 July 2011

WRI Queer working group

training and seminar; gender/feminism and antimili in paraguay;
typical exercise – into men and women – the ones who didn't think of
themselves as men/women formed a misfits group
many exercises on non violence are dealing with gender issues in oldfashion
so this was a spark to form a queer group within WRI
create space for persons who don't identify as men or women
how to queer antimilitarism

queer workshop in during the seminars.

Personal perceptions on the queer-antimilitarism:

need for space for people who identitfy different from the big group
space to come up with strategies
within the council before going outside
ablr to articulate these issues
engage with other people

particulary important issue in africa/south africa because of the corrective
rape and attacks on queer people
gays in the south african defence force before and after the apartheid, chock
therapy was used

connect antimilitarism and queer. Queer antimilitarism but also demilitarize
queer movement.
work against pinkwashing

long standing history in the antimilitaris
in relation to the body
lots of work on gender,
always resistance from many people, including heterosexual male,

en argentina – an affinity group working

we started working with these issues in paraguay, conflicts and fear for losing
space/identity etc
in WRI meeting people who had the same reflections and experiences on these
an internal crise within the organization, but now we don't have as much
resistance when working on these themes. Fewer conflicts and even curiosity and
enthusiasm to take part in that work

lgbt-movement going forward in turkey, and those activists are also
When in a patriarcal culture, the social movements also gets that.
It's a chance to look at identity politics from a different perspective
WRI- we don't see all the colors, space is not given, why no transexual
moving from feminism to another level

been working with WRI for long time:
conference on social environment in india 10 years ago.: the organizers wanted
not seen as an important issue within the WRI
praise of fixed identities in WRI – conflict
the mainstream lgbt-movement just want to be ”normal” and militarist
how to we challenge both antimilitarist movement and also the mainstream lgbt
movement with these issues?

lacks of analyses of the connection between antimilitarism and queer politics

need for this working group in WRI
war resisters legaue have history of bringing in sexuality
backlash with gays in the military etc
important to not feel that persons are not in one category, people's own
identity or their work, we need support of eachother

to talk about it from my perspective;
we work a lot with consensus in the WRI, and it's useful when resolving
conflicts etc
but... the conscensus can also lead to normalizing tool and you could be
trapped. So I would like this group not be aiming for censcensus but to be able
to debate etc. and people don't need to agree.

about demilitarize the lgbt movement. The people in the movement have taken up
to be violent themselves, and it's important to implement non violence

so if our aim is to queer the antimilitarist movement or to demilitarize the
queer and lgbt movement – how will we get there?


Identity and masculinity - how patriarcal structures enter into lgbt people's

Women and lgbt people in the army.
Homophobia, sexism and racism are crucial for the military – it cannot exist
without them. To have a military free from that is an illusions.

The various issues relating to denormalizing WRI and antimilitarist movements
in general, that we support this process.

About identities: extremely important but also difficult because it can be a
starting point but also and end.
we could do much work on these theme

So to work on these themes we need new tools

the WRI nonviolent handbook adressing gender issues are not very updated
we need to take on this in another publication
how we deal with it in training should be more complex

how to deal with the violence on a daily basis?

president also head of army.
Fuels hate and violence against lgbt people. Youth are trained to torture, to
kill people and to be violent, and then employed in state departments. Take
government's stands.
The people who go to the militarty target the lgbt people, looking for a weaker
link. Link the homosexuality to the west, people connect homopsexuality to the
sanctions. Not only yhe military but also the police, and it's all very
institutionalized. President made public speech and threatened to arrest all
lgbt people, to come after GALZ. Sends message to the ones who want to get in
dialouge, make them a target aswell.

of identifying people, same as in Uganda and in Rwanda.


about demilitarizing lgbt movement. In south america where the militarism
shows; in transphobia, this is not only fear but pure hate, people are killed,
impunity and no justice
system of acceptance and silence: conscensus
so no trans people in WRI, this is one of the ways militarization shows in our

to deal with transphobia,
trans people are facing systematic violence, high risk
trans movement - - source to look at gender roles

case study example possible - -like Zimbabwe --- present to wri membership in
more detail- - focus the attention. A recommendation.
support around GALZ arrests

establish some action points

list serve - - want to subscribe?


exchange experiences - -learn from successes , actions , get inspiration,
demil of queer movement and queering of antimili movement.

includes LGBTQ but outside of that movement alone, need is wider than what we
have in LGBTQ movement, want to get out of that and move onto another level.
Practical things: develop a training on queer and non violence

an experiment . Not a seminar.

2 goals - - achieve a case study, and organize a training – this will be work
for us.

Broken rifle- for Jan – one issue on queer and anti mili to raise awareness
on these issues. Themes . . . .puswhes the group that we also dont all need
to agree, explore positions.


panel seminar is a key moment nonetheless – make the most of the workshop on
Sunday, present issues and ideas.

Andreas- workshop is an exploration, not sure of clarity of OFOG either, is
need to explore.

Who will be the facilitators or core group for Queer group? To push the
people! Making sure that the discussions continue that we have steps in place
to do the work to find the people to do the training.

Pelao - -offers to co-convener
Miles – offers to co-convene

translation or language issues

Francesca: offers to translate emails and maybe an article, not too much
workload, short emails spaced out in time.

nationalism iassue

Cattis- militarism and war industry issues . . .play on national issues,
buying into nationalist perspective and is uncomfortable and dont like it.
Talk to Swedes to take ownership of their arms and militarizes etc .. but just
speak of Sweden.
Identity issue also.

WRI Queer Working Group - notes from meeting on 21 July 2011

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WRI Queer Working Group - notes from meeting on 21 July 2011

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WRI Queer Working Group - notes from meeting on 21 July 2011

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