The War Resisters' International Council meeting 2011 will take place from 19-21 July in Luleå, in the very north of Sweden. The WRI meeting is the beginning of a week long action camp organised by WRI's Swedish affiliate ofog, to raise awareness about and protest against NEAT - the North European Aerospace Testrange, which is near Luleå. NEAT is Europe’s largest overland test range and consists of an area 360 by 100 km of restricted air space and 1,650 sq km of restricted land area (expandable to 3,000sq km). And NEAT is not only used by Sweden - it is rented out to companies and military from all over the world, including NATO, the UK, and other countries.

This issue of WRI-Info provides information on the WRI Council and the seminar and action camp, so please read it carefully. We - the WRI office staff - are looking forward to meeting many of you in Luleå, and to take part in joint nonviolent action against war and the preparation of war. War starts here - and here (this July in Luleå) we need to stop it!

Andreas Speck & Javier Garate


Please register now for the WRI Council and the ofog/WRI seminar and action camp in Luleå. You can register online on the WRI website at http://wri-irg.org/node/13105. The earlier we know who is coming, and what their needs are, the better we can plan!