WRI inner web gateway

There are several areas of the War Resisters' International website where WRI Council members, representatives of affiliates, working group members, and staff can:

  • post their own material;
  • participate in online meetings and consultations;
  • collaborate on WRI project work and documentation.

Services for which you can self-register:

  • The WRI Wiki: Most pages are open for anonymous browsing at http://wri-irg.org/wiki/index.php. You can also register as a user and write or edit pages within the public wiki.
  • Translators are encouraged to use the Wiki as a place to collaborate on WRI translation projects. A five-language table of common WRI terminology is available at Translation resources.
  • Mailing lists: some are open and unmoderated, while others have restricted membership and/or are moderated. Visit http://lists.wri-irg.org/sympa/ for full details.

Services which require authorisation:

(listed according to numbers of potential users, from widest to narrowest)

  • Mailing lists: If you believe you should be on a restricted mailing list but are not (for instance, if you are a member of the Africa or Colombia working group), plese contact the list administrator through the appropriate link on http://lists.wri-irg.org/sympa/.
  • Web-based email accounts for staff, volunteers, and officers:

Services already open to the public on the WRI website, but of particular interest to members:

  • The WRI Constitution and Rules in English and French
  • The archive pages: the 1998 and 2002 Triennials, collected papers on the wars in former-Yugoslavia, and the 2001 conference on Nonviolence and Social Empowerment. All can be accessed through http://wri-irg.org/archive/.