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Our December edition is focusing on war profiteering in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC). We feel that it is important to highlight the responsibilities that corporations have in the ongoing crisis in DRC.

Many thanks go to Jan Van Criekinge who provides most of the contents of this edition. As it's said in the main article of this edition, countering the exploitation of Congo's resources by a small but powerful elite is a big step to improve the conditions of the Congolese. The peace movement has to play a role in denouncing and challenging what these corporations are doing, both in DRC and in our home towns.

The focus on the DRC comes at a special time as War Resisters' International is preparing its participation at the World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi, Kenya between the 20-25 of January 2007. The goal of our presence at the WSF is to make antimilitarism and nonviolence more visible at this gathering of social movements, but also to strengthen our connections with groups and organizations in Africa. One of the many events that WRI will be holding at the WSF is a workshop on war profiteering. We plan to work on strategies to counter the war profiteering in this region.

It is also important to mention that WRI has an Africa Working Group that is dedicated to peace and nonviolence in Africa. If you wish to join this Working Group, please contact the WRI office.

Last but not least, I want wish you all the very best for the coming year.

Javier Gárate


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