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The Anglican Pacifist Fellowship's support for WRI's Dealing with the past project

Tony Kempster

APF is an organisation whose members are pledged ‘to renounce war and the preparation to wage war, and to work for the construction of Christian peace in the world'. It has members in some 30 countries around the world some of which are experiencing military conflict. The latest (October issue) of its newsletter, The Anglican Peacemaker focuses on the ongoing conflicts in Africa which are of real concern to some APF's members.

The Fellowship supports the Dealing with the past project because unresolved violence and repression from past military conflict can so easily fuel future conflict. The history of conflicts in many parts of the world confirms this. Hence Dealing with the past is a means of war prevention, which is consistent with the APF pledge.

Attempts to remove anger and hatred, to assist people on the path to reconciliation, are, in themselves, forms of peacemaking and also consistent with the pledge.
Tony Kempster is APF's secretary and works on WRI's Dealing with the Past project


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