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75th Anniversary Events by Affiliates

Speaking tour with Saswati Roy, from SWADHINA (India) - June-July

The WRI FöGA working group, which had already sponsored Saswati's participation in the 1994 Triennial in Brazil, is now planning a speaking tour for Saswati in Germany from mid-June to mid-July. These dates were chosen to allow her to take part in the next WRI Coundl meeting, in Liege. Saswati has already been invited by several groups to speak on the position of women in India and grassroots relationships between development, environment and women's issues. She is also looking forward to making new contacts with German antimilitarist and women's groups.

Two weekend seminars will be held:

  • 21-23 June, near Oldenburg (mixed group) - Focus on India. Contact Andreas Speck, Brahmweg 178, 26135 Oldenburg (+49 441 2038 64, fax 441 81077)
  • 28-30 June, near Frankfurt/Main (women only) - Focus on women and "development". Contact Susanne Rosbach and Lilith König, Zatpicher Sir. 234,50937 Köln (+49 221 42 77 79)

There will be evening meetings also in Köln, Bielefeld, Frankfurt/Main, Heidelberg, Oldenburg.

If you would like more infonnation about these and other possible venues, please contact Andreas Speck at the above address. The FöGA working group needs money to organise all this and would welcome donations (Account Nr. 71258, Förderge Gemeinschaft Friedensarbeit und Gewalttosigkeit, Stadisparkasse Kassel, BLZ 52050 151, mention "Saswati Roy").

Special issue of Graswurzelrevolution on WRI - May

The May issue of GWR will be entirely dedicated to presenting WRI's current work and future perspectives for international cooperation. All the articles commissioned are available to other publications in the WRI network. WRI's new affiliate, En pie de Paz, will publish several of these articles in their May issue, as will other magazines in France, Britain, Belgium and Turkey.

If you would like to use any of these articles or would like to help with their translation, please contact Graswurzel revolution as soon as possible.

Contact: Karlstraße 14a- 26123 Oldenburg (+49441 8859735, fax 441 81077, email

SOdZDL and DFG-VK Hessen Special Event in Frankfurt/Main -6 July

The Selbstorganisation der Zivildienstleistenden, in cooperation with the regional and local DFG-VK groups, is organising a party to celebrate the 75th anniversary of WRI, 25 years of SOdZDL and the 15 years of ICOM! The event will start at noon with information stands and workshops. Various actions around CO rights are planned, including the encasing of military papers in a block of resin! Poetry reading, singing, music and more will go until late. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Contact Kleniens Böhm, Bundeszentrale SO£iZ DL, Vogelsbergstraße 17, 6000 Frankfurt 1, Germany (+49 69 43 14 05).


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