Operation Refuse War: A week of action uniting resisters

In Celebration of International Conscientious Objectors' Day
May 11-16 2006
New York City and Washington DC


Operation Refuse War: An International Conference of Resisters to Global War

Conference Timetable

All events are located at Church of the Brethren, 37 North Carolina Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003, except for the Friday evening opening session and the post-conference activities on Monday and Tuesday (see details below)

Friday May 12th

Location: Friends Meeting House, 2111 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC 20008
7:00 - 9:00pm Opening Session
  • Welcome and Intro from Organizing Committee
  • Sneak Preview Screening of Sir, No Sir!
    Introduced by Dave Kline, President of Veterans for Peace

Saturday May 13th

Location: Church of the Brethren
10:00 - 11:00 Opening Plenary
From the Front Lines: Personal Stories of Conscientious Objection and Draft Resistance
Idan Halili (New Profile Israel), Joshua Casteel (Iraq war veteran) Matt Meyer (WRL), Moderator
11:00 - 2:00 Eyes Wide Open March & Lunch
  • 11:00am Depart for March (www.afsc.org/eyes)
  • 1:00pm Return to Conference for Lunch
  • 1:00pm Lunch
2:00 - 3:20 Workshop Block 1
  1. Conscientious Objection as a Movement-Building Tool
    Sam Diener (AFSC/WRL) Mark Liggin (CCCO)
  2. Connecting Resistance within the Coalition of the Willing
    Andreas Speck (WRI) (moderator) + TBA
3:30- 4:50 Workshop Block 2
  1. All wars or "this war"? Conscientious Objection as a political or moral choice
    Ellen Barfield(VfP/WRL) (moderator) + TBA
  2. Mobilizing Against a Draft
    Edward Hasbrouck (objector.ing/WRL) & Bill Galvin (CCW/GI Rights Hotline)
5:00 - 6:20 Workshop Block 3
  1. International support for CO's and war resisters from the USA
    Dave Stutsman (MCN Germany), War Resisters Support Campaign (Canada)
  2. What is CO without a draft? Resisting the selective service, War Tax Resistance, and other ways to resist the military.
    Patrick Sheehan-Gaumer (WRL/WRI) & Paul Frazier (WRL)
  3. Militarism and Gender
    Young-eun (South Korea), Tali Lerner (New Profile, Israel,) Joanne Sheehan (WRL/WRI)
6:30 - 7:30 Dinner and time to socialize

Sunday May 14th

Location: Church of the Brethren
10:00 -11:30pm CODEPINK Interfaith Vigil and Service
11:40 - 1:00pm Workshop Block 4
  1. Resistance Movements within the Military and to Compulsory Service
    Steve Morse (CCCO), Boro Kitanoski (Macedonia)
  2. Building support for COs from the outside.
    Mark Liggin (CCCO), Clare Bayard (WRL)
1:00pm - 2:00pm Lunch
2:00 - 3:20pm Workshop Block 5
  1. Working for CO Rights in Congress and the U.N.
    Theo Sitther (Center on Conscience & War) Andreas Speck (WRI)
  2. GI Rights Overview
    Jim Klimaski (Military Law Taskforce), J.E. McNeil (Center on Conscience & War), Steve Morse (CCCO)
3:30 - 4:50pm Plenary
Building Bridges with Military Families and Veterans
Monica Benderman, Laura Costas (MFSO), Tia Steele (GSFP)
5:00 - 6:00 Closing Session
What's Next? Developing Long-Term Strategy for an International CO Movement.
Presented by War Resisters' International

Monday May 15th

Demonstration at Downtown DC Recruiting Station
(part of Operation Refuse War)
Location: The Armed Forces Recruiting Center is in the 1300 block of L St NW, mid-block, south side.
Eyes Wide Open Exhibit
organized by American Friends Service Committee
Advisory Council Meeting
Center on Conscience & War
Location: Church of the Brethren

Tuesday May 16th

Conscientious Lobby Day
at US Congress, organized by the Center on Conscience & War
Congressional Hearing
organized by the Fellowship of Reconciliation


Please register online or contact register@centeronconscience.org. You can also download a PDF form and mail it to Center on Conscience and War. Conference registration fee is US$30, which includes lunch on Saturday, May 13th.

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