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War profiteers are making a killing from war!

This is the index page for the Global Initiative against War Profiteers. For war resisters, war profiteering is wrong not only because it generates profit, mostly for private companies, but because it is one of the causes of war. The page that you are now reading is meant mainly as an index to online resources rather than as a comprehensive description of the campaign.

A project overview is available in English, with an earlier version in Deutsch | español | français.

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War Profiteers' News provides information on the new developments on arms trade; the increasing role of private companies in the outsourcing of the military and private financial institutions as they profit from the arms trade. It appears bimonthly in English and Spanish, and is available in two formats: email and static web versions.

WRI Statements

11 Apr 2014

Declaración de la Red Latinoamericana Antimilitarista por el día mundial de acción contra el gasto militar

La Red Latinoamericana Antimilitarista, red definida como una coordinación que promueve a través de diversas acciones el antimilitarismo en la sociedad, cuestionando la estructura militar y las prácticas de dominación en la región; hace un llamamiento a celebrar el día mundial contra el gasto militar diciendo: No queremos más armas para Latinoamérica.

15 Apr 2013

WRI statement on the Global Day of Action on Military Spending

On 15 April there were more than 120 actions worldwide as part of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, an initiative coordinated by the International Peace Bureau (IPB). The day of action coincided with the annual release of SIPRI's figures on military spending. According to SIPRI, in the last year there was a slight decrease (0.5%) of the world military expenditure. However, China - the second largest spender in 2012 - increased its expenditure by 7.8 per cent ($11.5 billion). Russia - the third largest spender - increased its expenditure by 16 per cent ($12.3 billion). Annual world military spending continues at around $1.5 trillion dollars.

09 Apr 2013

Declaración regional por el Día Mundial de Acción Contra el Gasto Militar

El 15 de abril se celebrará el Día Mundial Contra el Gasto Militar, iniciativa coordinada por la Oficina Internacional de la Paz (IPB por sus siglas en inglés). Las organizaciones por la paz en Latinoamérica, provenientes de distintas y diversas historias y culturas, con una larga trayectoria de apuesta por la resolución noviolenta de los conflictos, nos sumamos a este día y decimos No más armas para Latinoamérica.


11 Mar 2010

A. deployments

To research deployments you need:

  • information on military units getting deployed
  • information on the structure of the military, in order to make a good interpretation of the information
  • information on how troops deploy and their logistics

1. A good starting point is the website of the ministry of defense and of the military - an overview of links to the MoD of the NATO countries

On these website you often find:

Other posts

01 Oct 2006

Monday 16 October:

Shut DESO Action Day in the UK

The most important day in the Shut the Denfece Export Services Organisation (DESO) campaign calendar.
CAAT will be joining other groups for a day of action to shut DESO.

DESO exists to sell arms for companies and to lobby for arms exports within government.

01 Sep 2006

War profiteering has been a permanent feature of the military landscape. It is not just that the search for profits can foment war. Military rivalry has also gone hand in hand with industrial and technological mobilization for war, reaching new heights in the second half of the 20th century. Those who profit from war form a powerful lobby in favour of military expenditure and war preparations.

01 Sep 2006

During the last week of July War Resisters' International celebrated our International Conference "Globalising Nonviolence" with more than 200 participants from all continents and more than 30 countries.

The stated aims of the conference were:

  • making nonviolence more central in the global movement of resistance to war and economic domination
  • adapting nonviolent analysis and strategy to the threats we face today, and
  • consolidating and reviving our antimilitarist, nonviolent, global network.

It can be questioned if it wa

01 Sep 2006

This issue of The Broken Rifle focuses on war profiteers. During War Resisters' International Conference "Globalising Nonviolence" that took place in Eringerfeld Germany between the 23-27 of July 2006, we had a theme group who worked on war profiteers. This theme group was an essential step in the develop of WRI's Global Initiative Against War Profiteers. Most of the material you will find in this issue comes from the work of that week.

01 Sep 2006

War profiteers depend mainly on government contracts. Imagine what Lockheed Martin would be without their Pentagon contracts! At the same time governments need an excuse for spending such huge sums of money e.g. "war against terror", "national security", "peace forces", etc. Since war profiteers depend on government contracts they need to be in the position to influence them. Through the years they have positioned themselves to have an immense political power within governments, and they enjoy privileged access to decision-makers that the general public can only dream of.

01 Sep 2006

War profiteers are not only those that benefit from the arms industry, but also those that impulse military action and elaborate strategies to profit from war. Among war profiteers we can include:

Large private corporations

Here we refer to the transnational and multinational corporations that need control over our natural resources and our national territories in order to support their hegemonic project and so that relations of economic and political solidarity cannot be improved (which would permit true development of Latin American countries).

01 Sep 2006

A case study on a nonviolent campaign against war profiteers

The Honeywell Corporation was based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Honeywell produced cluster bombs (bomblets), small steel ball bearings embedded in a steel shell. When this antipersonnel weapon explodes, the steel ball bearings shoot out 2, 200 feet per second. Honeywell also made other weapons and civilian products.

01 Sep 2006

Report from the "Globalising Nonviolence" theme group

During WRI International Conference "Globalising Nonviolence" we had a theme group on the topic of war profiteering. Meeting every day of the conference, we were able to go through a process of learning about war profiteers, campaigns against them, and explore how WRI's Global Initiative Against War Profiteers can help groups in this important work.

The aims of this theme group were:

01 Aug 2006

We are happy to present our 2nd edition of War Profiteers' News.

In this edition, we highlight the cancellation of Halliburton's exclusive Iraq deal. At the same time we present what is happening in Cabinda where WRI affiliate Union Pacifiste from France is supporting a local campaign for the respect of human rights in Cabinda and against the pollution of the mouth of the Congo River. In this issue, we also inform about Caterpillar's shareholders meeting in Chicago, where the issue of the use of their equipment for demolishing Palestinians homes was again raised.

01 Aug 2006

The Pentagon has taken an important first step by canceling the contract for Halliburton 's military logistics contract in Iraq and putting it up for open bid. Halliburton has only itself to blame for shoddy management, over-charging and thumbing its nose at military investigators.

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13 Mar 2009


Protesta y acción contra la Asamblea de Accionistas del BBVA
– Euskalduna, Bilbo, 13-3-2009
BBVAren aurkako Platafoma

(fotos de calidad desde:

05 Jan 2009

Martin Smedjeback. Profesor de No Violencia. Suecia

La noche del 16 de octubre desarmé armas destinadas a ser exportadas. Entré en la fábrica de Saab Bofors Dynamics en la ciudad de Eskilstuna (Suecia) y con un martillo corriente golpeé 20 lanzagranadas "Carl Gustav". Lo hice como miembro activo de la red "OFOG". Es probable que por
esta acción mis amigos y yo seamos sentenciados a varios meses de prisión. Pero los crímenes que estamos combatiendo deberían ser castigados mucho más severamente.