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Dissolve NATO: an alliance for war

NATO was founded ostensibly to defend the “free” West against Soviet expansion. Why then did not NATO dissolve when the Soviet Union disintegrated and Warsaw Pact dissolved? The reason is quite simple: because it had become the main vehicle for the coordination of Western military strategy. What follows is a call for peace activists to commit ourselves to raise the demand for the dissolution of NATO.

Shut down NATO

11 Apr 2009

Relato y valoraciones de las personas de Alternativa Antimilitarista-MOC que tomaron parte en los bloqueos noviolentos de la cumbre de la OTAN en Estrasburgo

Texto con fotos y vídeos en Insumissia:

08 Apr 2009

Our UK group travelled over to Strasbourg in a mini-bus getting to the camp on Tuesday 31st March in the evening. Once at the camp we were joined by a German friend who works for nuclear disarmament of the US nuclear base at Buchel. This made 9 of us in our affinity group that we named 'Odd Socks'. Most of us knew each other and some of us had worked together before. We were members of Trident Ploughshares, CND, GAAA and other peace organisations. We found it easy and fun to work together because we had been involved in peaceful nonviolent direct action before and shared a similar philosophy.

08 Apr 2009

Relato de unos activistas de IL (Interventionistische Linke, Izquierda Intervencionista) que en el marco de BlockNato tomaron parte en las acciones de desobediencia civil contra la cumbre de la OTAN en Estrasburgo.

08 Apr 2009

On 4 April 2009, more than 200 activists of NATO-ZU/Shut down NATO (an international nonviolent initiative co-founded by War Resisters' International) managed a successful nonviolent blockade of the northern access road to the Palais de Musique et de Congres, where the NATO summit took place. At the same time, other groups of the coalition Block-NATO (of which NATO-ZU/Shut down NATO is a member) managed successful blockades in the inner city on the main road connecting both orange zones (Av.

07 Apr 2009

As part of the anti-NATO summit protests, several blockades were organised to stop, or hinder, access to the red zone - the part of Strasbourg that was completely closed off and where the summit took place.

These blockades were done under the "Block-NATO" umbrella ; one of those, the north blockade organized by "NATO-ZU", was strictly nonviolent.

NATO-ZU, which had it's own barrio and training facilities in the camp, was organised by consensus using a spokesperson council, where each affinity group would send a representative.

30 Mar 2009

Stuttgart/Bonn, 29 March 2009. The campaign NATO-ZU/Shut down NATO, which is preparing nonviolent protests and actions of civil disobedience for the NATO summit in Strasbourg, criticises the behaviour of politicians and police in advance of the NATO summit. In stead of deescaling, the conflict is already now being escalated by the authorities using an absurd prognosis of threats.

29 Mar 2009

Dear supporters of Shut down NATO/NATO-ZU,

Welcome to our third Newsletter, the last one before the active operation. All other news and information that get in after this newsletter we will publish on our webpage – so it’s worth it to visit once in a while. Again, please, read this newsletter completely and carefully – lots of its contents are important for the preparation of our action! Everybody – come to Strasbourg – together we will do it!

This newsletter includes information about:
1. recent development within the NATO
2. repressions by public authorities

23 Mar 2009

From all over Belgium, by bus, bike, taxi, public transport and even by walking, hundreds of activists came to NATO's headquarters in Evere, Brussels. They tried non-violently to enter the NATO terrain and seal gates, windows and doors. At the same time, the NATO has been symbolically buried during a farewell ceremony. Today, this burial is still a symbolic act, but the will to turn this symbol into reality is very high.

20 Mar 2009

Dear supporters of Shut down NATO,

welcome to our 2nd newsletter in which we want to inform you about the state of preparations for our peaceful and non-violent operation against the NATO-summit April 4th in Strasbourg. The day of action gets closer and there is yet a lot to do. Therefore we strongly need your help (see #10, jobs). Please read this newsletter completely and carefully – its content includes important information also about preparation for the active operation.

Content of this newsletter:

1. Recent development within the NATO

18 Mar 2009

NATO-ZU/Shut down NATONATO-ZU/Shut down NATOWar Resisters' International is part of the international coalition "No to war - no to NATO", which called for protests at the NATO summit in Baden Baden (Germany) and Strasbourg (France) on 3 and 4 April 2009, and is continuing with an International Working Conference "No to war - No to NATO" in Berlin on 17/18 October 2009.

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