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Companies which profit from war

On this site you can find short information about companies which profit from war. This can be in various ways. On the one hand they can be the supplier or manufacturer of weapons and on the other hand they can be directly involved in the war zone and on the battlefield as companies who provide special private military.

This information is not complete, because of that you can find some links for more facts. Also you are welcome to ad more companies.

Alliant Techsystems
Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)

New mercenaries 'made in Spain'

In the last years an important number of private military companies have been formed in Spain as part of the general process of privatisation and outsourcing of the military. 'Outsourcing' in Spain is quite recent as the Spanish Ministry of Defence were reluctant to have civilian personnel working alongside the military, especially inside military installations. Here we look at two cases where war profiteers have built juice businesses.

Hallmark Security Solutions S.L.

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