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Civil disobedience/NVDA

Technology for nonviolent struggle

Let's begin with two bold propositions. First, methods of social action without violence can be extremely powerful -- indeed so powerful as to be a possible alternative to military defence. Second, technology, which is now massively oriented to military purposes, can be reoriented to support nonviolent action. These two propositions, if followed through, lead to two striking conclusions. First, nonviolent struggle, which is normally seen as primarily a social and psychological process, has vital technological dimensions. Second, reorienting technology to serve nonviolent struggle would involve a wholesale transformation of research directions, technological infrastructure and social decision making.


Aktionen zu Zivilem Ungehorsam und Umwelt

unterstützt duch Stephen Hancock und Melanie Jarman

Die Ziele der Gruppe waren, die Umweltbelange der Antimilitaristen darzulegen, die Verbindungen zwischen Militarismus und Umweltzerstörung zu erkunden, die angewendeten Methoden zu vergleichen und voneinander - als Antimilitaristen und Umweltschützer - zu lernen.

An Tag 1 wurden die Verbindungen zwischen Umweltzerstörung und Militarismus untersucht und entsprechende Fragen für unsere Diskussionen bestimmt.

Von unseren Mitgliedsorganisationen

Alba Körs NEIN zur NATO in Ungarn

Da Mitte Novemeber in Ungarn eine nationale Volksabstimmung über den Natobeitritt ins Haus steht, intensivieren die Regierung und die Streitkräfte ihre Propagandabemühungen. Alba Kör, die Mitgliedsorganisation der WRI in Ungarn, ist eine der wenigen Proteststimmen im Lande. Nachdem sie sich letztes Jahr vor einen "Nato Express" Medienzug gekettet hatten, stiegen Alba Aktivisten letzten März auf einen zweiten NATO Promotionszug und gelangten mit Bildern ihrer "Miss NO NATO" auf die Titelseiten der Zeitungen.


Twenty years after Seabrook, the German nonviolent movement against nuclear power is still making effective use of the nonviolent blockade as a form of mass civil disobedience against the violence of the state. As many as 9000 people spent a whole night sitting in the road, resisting the frost as well as the water canons, in order to block the route of the Castor nuclear waste shipment as it was loaded onto truck in Dannenberg.

Nonviolent Struggle and Social Defence

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Published in 1991 by War Resisters' International and the Myrtle Solomon Memorial Fund Subcommittee (of the Lansbury House Trust Fund; Charity Reg No 306139) c/o War Resisters' International, 55 Dawes Street, London SE17 1EL, Britain.
A grant towards the production of this book was received from the Puckham Trust
ISBN 0 903517 14 0
Edited by Shelley Anderson and Janet Larmore
Production by Howard Clark and Ken Simons
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Total Resistance to Military Service

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This statement was prepared by a group of women involved in the War Resister’s International and was signed by women attending the International conference on Women and Militarism, July 26 to August 1, 1980, Laurieston Hall, Laurieston, Castle Douglas, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

We, women committed to anti-militarism and feminism, believe that total resistance to military service is the necessary role for all women challenged by the military structure in society.

Towards liberation. A draft statement for the WRI

Life can be better than this. The most fortunate of us have been crippled and scarred; we are less than we could be. All of us have lived in societies where individuals, groups, classes exert arbitrary power over others. This is the essence of oppression. Women and men who should be able to think and decide and act for themselves are forced to be the obedient instruments of the will of others.

Nor is it the conditions of the present time alone that cripple us. 'The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living' wrote Marx. The history and culture of every society shapes the consciousness of those born and brought up within it, and no culture is without repressions, taboos, and myths which limit the growth of individuals and of society as a whole. Without a profound cultural revolution there is no revolution at all.

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