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Civil disobedience/NVDA

AntimilitaristInnen besetzen das russische Konsulat in Valencia in Protest gegen die Bombardierungen von Aleppo

Photo: MOC ValenciaPhoto: MOC ValenciaIn Spanien haben Mitglieder von MOC Valencia das russische Konsulat besetzt, hingen Transparente auf und warfen Trümmerstücke auf den Fußboden. Damit protestierten sie gegen die fortgesetzte Bombardierung der östlichen Stadtteile Aleppos. Die AktivistInnen trugen weiße Schutzanzüge und Helme in Solidarität mit den Rettungsteams in der Stadt. Die Aktion wurde außerhalb des Konsulats von weiteren AktivistInnen unterstützt, die ebenfalls Trümmerstücke deponierten.

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War profiteers of the month: Ferrovial, Broadspectrum and Wilson Security

Ferrovial is a Spanish multinational company, with a broad range of interests - they are involved in the construction of the Gugenheim Museum in Bilbao, the construction of the M3 motorway in Ireland, and manage toll roads across Europe. Ferrovial owns 90% of the company Broadspectrum, which runs Australia's offshore immigration detention centres in Papua New Guinea.

USA: preparations to counter Urban Shield

A coalition of activists in the USA are preparing for protests against Urban Shield, a police training event and trade expo. Urban Shield brings together police departments from across the US and globally for intensive training " to learn how to better repress, criminalize, and militarize our communities." The event has been held annually in Alameda County since 2007, and recieves government funding.

France: direct action at Eurosatory

Originally published in Le Sentier de la Paix, No 73, June 2016:

Translated by Lewis Sinkala

Eurosatory, the largest international war and repression trade show (also called the largest international land and airland defence and security trade show) took place in Paris from 13th to 17th June. Before the start of the exhibition, Agir pour la paix (a movement against violent conflicts) prepared several protests with the peace movements in France so as to denounce these crimes and inhumane gigantic profits that the armament sector generates. Whilst dozens of international delegates were doing their war and repression related shopping, several protests took place in Paris…

Eurosatory (or perhaps Euro-slaughter-y is more fitting?), the largest armament trade show in Europe, took place for a second time in Paris on 13th June 2016. After the DSEI (Defence & Security Equipment International) exhibition in London, it was indeed Paris’ turn to welcome the big guns of the weapons industry. A group of French activists called The Disobedients (les Désobéissants) organised and carried out non-violent protests both inside and outside of the exhibition. Notable moments included a symbolic blockage at the entrance where there were several other activists from the collective “no armament exhibition in Paris” who formed a die-in and a large group of French activists and a volunteer from Agir pour la paix climbing onto a tank which had been covered in fake blood whilst chanting “you have blood on your hands”!

#WarStartsHere: Widerstand gegen die Waffenmesse in Paris

Peace banners in EurosatoryPeace banners in Eurosatory

Diesen Monat fand die Eurosatory Waffenmesse in Paris statt. Die Messe für „Verteidigung und Sicherheit“, eine der größten der Welt, findet alle zwei Jahre statt. Viele Jahre lang wurde der Widerstand gegen sie durch eine Frau getragen, Yvonna Kressman, die jahrzehntelang alleine vor der Messe eine Mahnwache abhielt.

#WarStartsHere: opposing the Paris arms fair

This week the Eurosatory arms fair is taking place in Paris. The 'Defence and Security' fair, one of the largest in the world, takes place every two years. For many years, opposition to Eurosatory took the form of one woman, Yvonna Kressman, faithfully standing outside on her own, over decades. Gradually the word has spread, and this year campaigners from Germany, England, Belgium and the Netherlands joined French antimilitarists and others to make sure it wasn't “business as usual” for the arms trade.

European Antimilitarist Network take action at Burghfield

Today we're into the third day of a blockade of the Burghfield Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire, Britain.

The construction gate is hosting an impromptu pop-up peace camp! Here's Tristi from France explaining why she's travelled here - joining WRI members from Trident Ploughshares, DFG-VK (Germany), AKL (Finland) and Agir Pour La Paix (Belgium).

Belgium: roof occupation at Advionics

On 19th May, peace activists in Belgium took direct action at the arms company Advionics in Oostkamp, They climbed onto the roof of the company, put up banners and set up their tents. With their action they denounced the export of arms to Saudi Arabia, and demanded that the Flemish government fixes the loopholes in the Flemish arms export laws.

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