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Calais: Who profited from the eviction of the Jungle?

Text originally sourced from the Corporate Watch website, with some adaptations for brevity. The original article was published under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.
The eviction of the Calais "jungle" migrant camp took place in early November 2016, and saw thousands of migrants who had gathered in the port town moved across France. The camp had become one of the best-known examples of how free movement in Europe is only an option for some, and shows us how a militarised border regime functions. New research by the Calais Research Network has found over 40 companies profiting from security guards, walls and fences, border technology, deportation and detention systems, police support, and police weaponry.

a research group formed in August 2016, and has compiled an expanded list of over 40 companies profiting from the border regime. These companies have an interest in building up A Combined Systems Penn Arms PGL-65 tear gas launcher, used by the CRS police in CalaisA Combined Systems Penn Arms PGL-65 tear gas launcher, used by the CRS police in Calais‘security’ in Calais and beyond, part of a flourishing industry surrounding everything from the privatization of lorry inspections to the manufacturing of tear gas canisters, and the constantly proliferating fences and walls along the highway.

Europe: Legislators in court; fighting export permits the judicial way

Wednelda de Vries

Originally published on the 'Explosive Stuff' blog. The original article can be found here:

France: direct action at Eurosatory

Originally published in Le Sentier de la Paix, No 73, June 2016:

Translated by Lewis Sinkala

Eurosatory, the largest international war and repression trade show (also called the largest international land and airland defence and security trade show) took place in Paris from 13th to 17th June. Before the start of the exhibition, Agir pour la paix (a movement against violent conflicts) prepared several protests with the peace movements in France so as to denounce these crimes and inhumane gigantic profits that the armament sector generates. Whilst dozens of international delegates were doing their war and repression related shopping, several protests took place in Paris…

Eurosatory (or perhaps Euro-slaughter-y is more fitting?), the largest armament trade show in Europe, took place for a second time in Paris on 13th June 2016. After the DSEI (Defence & Security Equipment International) exhibition in London, it was indeed Paris’ turn to welcome the big guns of the weapons industry. A group of French activists called The Disobedients (les Désobéissants) organised and carried out non-violent protests both inside and outside of the exhibition. Notable moments included a symbolic blockage at the entrance where there were several other activists from the collective “no armament exhibition in Paris” who formed a die-in and a large group of French activists and a volunteer from Agir pour la paix climbing onto a tank which had been covered in fake blood whilst chanting “you have blood on your hands”!

Ensemble pour la paix ! Statement from UPF on attack in Nice, France

Union Pacifiste, the French section of War Resisters' International, extends its deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the massacre of 14 July.

#WarStartsHere: Widerstand gegen die Waffenmesse in Paris

Peace banners in EurosatoryPeace banners in Eurosatory

Diesen Monat fand die Eurosatory Waffenmesse in Paris statt. Die Messe für „Verteidigung und Sicherheit“, eine der größten der Welt, findet alle zwei Jahre statt. Viele Jahre lang wurde der Widerstand gegen sie durch eine Frau getragen, Yvonna Kressman, die jahrzehntelang alleine vor der Messe eine Mahnwache abhielt.

Stört die Waffenmesse in Paris!

PazifistInnen in Europa werden im Juni nach Paris fahren, um gegen die Eurosatory Waffenmesse zu protestieren. Einige werden dies in Form einer Pilgerfahrt von Deutschland aus tun, über Straßburg und an Rüstungsfabriken vorbei. Es wird Aktionen an Bahnhöfen geben, wenn die Delegierten ankommen, Mahnwachen und eine Demonstration am Dienstag, den 14. Juni um 18.30 Uhr an Les Invalides. Folgt @noneurosatory auf Twitter und unterschreibt ihre Petition online.

Letzte Woche haben auch in Wales AktivistInnen die Messe für Rüstungsanschaffungen, Forschung, Technologie und Exportfähigkeiten in Cardiff gestört. Früher fand diese Veranstaltung in Bristol statt, musste dort aber wegen der Protete weggehen. Hier geht es zu Fotos von der Aktion.

Mehr Informationen (auf Englisch), oder schreibt an für mehr Infos.

War Profiteer(s) of the month: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon & Northrup Grumman

It may seem to be stating the obvious to name three of the world's biggest arms companies as this month's 'War Profiteer of the Month', but it would be wrong to ignore the degree of profiteering taking place from the escalation in bombing of Syria...

Kill the war, not the pacifists

Cartoon by CabuCartoon by Cabu The Limousin group of Union Pacifiste, a member of the French section of War Resisters' International, learn with huge pain of the attack against our old friends of Charlie Hebdo, which killed twelve people, including the well known cartoonists and journalists Cabu, Wolinski, Charb, Tignous and Bernard Maris. The souls of these pacifists expressed themselves through pencil and pen, struggling and denouncing all kinds of recruitment by religious, societal or economic fanaticisms. Weapons ended their lives.

When spirit, heart, intelligence and humour leave the human being, it is violence that enters the scene. This violence is, of course, found in assassins, but it is also found in this militarized society, which manufactures war here for export over the whole world, in order to protect, hypocritically, the interests of French arms dealers, under the guise of patriotic values.

Mali: statements and analysis

Bringing together statements and analysis on January 2013's military interventions in Mali.


Mali: peace is not war!

Statement from WRI section Union pacifiste de France. Also available in French here.

Ist Krieg zur Erlangung von Gerechtigkeit notwendig?

Der German Marshall Fund of the United States führt jährlich Umfragen zu wichtigen "transatlantischen Trends" durch, die durchaus eine interessante Lektüre darstellen können. Eine der gestellten Fragen lautet: "Bitte sagen Sie mir, inwiefern Sie dem Folgenden zustimmen oder nicht zustimmen: Unter bestimmten Bedingungen ist Krieg notwendig, um Gerechtigkeit zu erlangen" (Q29.2). Die Antworten sind sehr aufschlussreich (siehe Grafik unten).

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