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Liu Yuandong

Start of detention:
  • 23 Feb 2013
End of detention:
  • 9 Oct 2014
  • China
  • Detained in administrative detention on February 23 after taking part in a protest against North Korea’s nuclear tests. Amnesty International have said Liu Yuandong is at risk of torture.

Liu Yuandong

  • China
Activist type:
  • Nonviolent activist

China doles out offers to attract youth to Army

Beijing: As it modernises its 2.3 million strong military with hefty defence spending, China is offering "well-educated" youth offers of preferential policies, ranging from promotions and access to advanced education to join its People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Young people with college degrees will receive preferential treatment during this year's recruitment period, which begins from tomorrow, a recruitment spokesman from the Ministry of National Defence said today.

China to update military conscription system

27 October 2011

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

China's Ministry of Defense held a monthly press conference on Oct. 26. At the conference, the spokesman Yang Yujun answered a question about reviewing the amendment to China’s military conscription law. Question and answer are as follows:

Reporter: Currently, winter recruitment has started. What problems in your eyes are outstanding in the recruitment? What measures will be taken to deal with these problems?

China Starts Largest PLA Recruitment Drive among Graduates

By Xinhua Writer Yan Hao

Millions of Chinese college graduates are being offered another government-paid career opportunity as the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) beckons with the message, "We Want You!"

Graduates of three-year and four-year studies and postgraduate programs were target recruits for the two-year compulsory service, Hou Qishan, an official with recruitment office of Ministry of National Defense, said on Sunday.

Rekrutierung in anderen Ländern

Wie rekrutieren Armeen außerhalb Europa/Nordamerika?

Wie wohl Europa und die Vereinigten Staaten ihre Armeen auf der ganzen Welt haben mögen -- und wenn sie nicht ihre Armeen einsetzen, dann nützen sie sicher wirtschaftliches "Zusammenarbeiten" und Entwicklungs-"Hilfe", verstärkt durch ihre militärischen Kräfte, um ihren politischen und wirtschaftlichen Einfluß aufrecht zu erhalten -- so sind sie nicht die einzigen Länder mit Streitkräften. Wie rekrutieren also die Staaten, die auch eine große militärische Rolle spielen, ihre Armeen?

China: military training for students?

According to an article posted on the World Socialist Website, China issued a student military training programme, jointly by the ministry of education, the general staff headquarters and the general political department of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) on 21 April. This programme formalises military training throughout the country’s high schools and universities.

Chinese People's Liberation Army adds psychological test to recruitment process

According to a report in People's Daily Online, new recruits of the People's Liberation Army will in future need to pass psychological tests. This is in response to increasing mental and psychological problems among young people in China. According to the report, the PLA recruitment office and research departments started piloting the psychological tests in 2002 in over 400 cities and counties. Over 100,000 applicants have taken the tests.

China: Armed Forces to start recruiting

According to a report by Xinhua, the Chinese Armed Forces are due to start their winter recruitment on 1 November 2005, according to an order jointly issued by the State Council and the Central Military Commission.

It urges governments and military recruitment departments at different levels to take it as a serious political task and ensure a completion of the recruitment.

Those who are qualified to be recruited by the Army include rural youth with the least educational background of junior middle and urban youngsters with a schooling of high school or even higher.

Peace in North-East Asia

Day 1 (Sunday, 26 June): Peace in North East Asia (Opening Panel)

The opening panel will introduce the different security threats and peace related issues of the region to the international and regional audience and also introduce concept of non-violent resistance, which WRI has pursued so far, and will contribute to peace movement in this region. For this panel, we aim to get speakers from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and WRI members.

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