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Country report and updates: Croatia

Articles related to conscientious objection

30 Dec 2008

Submission to the 95th Session of the Human Rights Committee:

Obligatory military service in Croatia was suspended with effect from the beginning of 2008. In the event of its reintroduction in time of war or national emergency, the provisions of the 2003 Law on Civilian Service would again apply.1 In many respects these provisions came close to the best international standards.

23 Oct 2008


  • The end of conscription in Croatia also meant the end of conscientious objection. Croatia does not recognise the right to conscientious objection for professional soldiers.

Military recruitment


On 4 October 2007, the Croation government decided to suspend conscription from 1 January 2008 on1. However, conscription is only suspended.

01 Feb 2007

The Croatian government is discussing the suspension of conscription, and the transformation of the Croation military into a fully professional force. However, "this not the question of canceling conscription as a legal category, but implementing a new institution", said the Defence Minister Berislav Roncevic, adding if the need arises, in case of unpredictable situations, mandatory conscription will be reactivated. In related news it was reported that the Croatian Armed Forces are ready to deploy troops to Lebanon.

01 May 2002
Natalie Sipak

On 6th April 2002 a new Defense law was passed in Croatia. One of the most important facts from this law is that it clearly states that civil (alternative) service will be regulated by a separate law, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice (at present) or the Ministry of Labour and social welfare.

01 Jul 1994

1.The Assembly recalls its Resolution 984 (1992) on the crisis in the former Yugoslavia, its Resolution 1019 (1994) on the humanitarian situation and needs of the refugees, displaced persons and other vulnerable groups in the countries of the former Yugoslavia and its Recommendation 1218 (1993) on establishing an international court to try serious violations of international humanitarian law.

2.It refers to the European Parliament resolution on deserters from the armed forces of states in the former Yugoslavia adopted on 28 October 1993.