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Chile: New objectors present themselves to the public

Fifteen new conscientious objectors presented their CO statements on 27 September in a public act in front of the Dirección General de Movilización Nacional in Santiago, the branch of Chile's armed forces in charge of conscription.

A "Ni Casco Ni Uniforme" banner was unfolded in front of the DGMN building. Leaflets were handed down to people, while the COs entered in groups to gave the documentation to military personnel. Some participants had "square head" masks, representing the "square" mentality of the military. They even entered the DGMN building wearing the masks, to present their CO statement. That pissed off some soldiers, but nothing happened.

The police showed off and asked some questions. As we were quiet, passing leaflets and not disrupting the order, they retired. After all the COs papers were handed in, we left the place. As some people interested in CO appered in the last minute, we decided to do another public presentation later this week.

On the same day, 20 new objectors declared their objection in the city of Temuco, in the south of Chile. They were accompanied by 50 antimilitarists. Another action took place in the city of Linares.

Source: Email Oscar Huenchunao, 27 September 2005, Email Alvaro Boguen, MOC Rompiendo Filas, 28 September 2005

Veröffentlicht in CO-Update, October 2005, No. 14